I guess I am a Donkey

Hi everybody, first of all english is not my first language so sorry if I post something wrong.
I am new to this site but I am very active on other poker sites for years. I understand the rules what it takes to win a hand, I love card games, I love to bet and I love to win but something I obviously lack is patience. Actually I am really patient but in the beginning I have spent time on the table playing “like it’s supposed to be” not going all-in all the time like a lunatic, raising slowly my bet from time to time like all the other players on the table. The result? Wasting 1-2 hours every day only to play for a very small amount of money (if you add and take away the money I’ve won and lost at the table). That was quite boring to me, there was once a guy who had 3B on his account yet he wasted 40 minutes at a 10K table playing for 500 chips all the time.

So I have tried to make the game faster and funnier to me because I love when I spend 30-60 minutes a day doing something to at least see the big result or fail in the beginning so I don’t have to spend an hour or sometimes two only to win maybe only 200K in the end.
Believe it or not, I found out about the term Donkey a few weeks ago when somebody posted a message “Bingo Player” after I have won a hand. I typed it on Google and found out that byngo players/donkeys are not only the least popular people on poker, those people can also be banned on most pokersites.

Well, I am not one of these “Donkey” players who go always All-In even with a 2&4, 3&J or 5&7 but I will always go All-In when one of my cards are an A, if I have a J&K, Q&K or a pair of whatever cards so it can happen that I go All-In 4 hands in a row or don’t go All-In 4 hands in a row if I don’t have those cards.

I am honest and say I have played that way for years on other sites and I will probably do the same here if I don’t get banned for that so I would know from staff and other players what’s wrong with that.
My game is not mean-spirited, I don’t use cheats, don’t steal, don’t follow certain players to make them lose their chips, I don’t stay longer than 4-5 hands on one table (depends if I win at least a million or lose all after an All-In) and move on to try the same on other tables. The biggest reason I do this is because I don’t want to be angry because I have won 8K with a J&A when I can try and win 2 million at the table. On the other hand people forget that I can also fail so people can win 800K from me in 10 seconds instead of 20K in 15 minutes.

Is it so bad that I have my definition of fun and the way how to play? I am fully aware that most players play it more serious and I know how that works but why can I choose my way of play? Please reply because to be honest I am a little bit shocked to read that most people call it a reason to get banned.

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