''I gotta go''

It seems to be a running trend on RP that players who have to leave a tourny early for whatever reason make it clear that they have to leave on chat and then proceed to go all in every hand until they get called and lose.

Could the people who do this please consider the other players at the table, most of whom will be folding a shove and losing antis and blinds in the process - paticularly at late stages when the blinds are high.

This behaviour has a negative effect on the other players and, although there can’t be rules imposed to prevent this, I would ask that individuals who do have to leave early just bow out gracefully and fairly and leave without making a big deal out of it.

I won’t mention those players who say they have to leave, go all in and win and then find that they suddenly have the time to stay in the tourny…this is just laughable.

Obviously all this is up to the individuals’ own concience as no rules can be imposed but I would hope that actions like this annoy other people as well so maybe we could get the word out to everbody in the community between us.



Good way to express your thoughts, others who bush everything and anyone they not liking, they should learn from you.

Or simply let them play as they want. It’s extra chips for whomever is willing to “Call”.

To each his/her own.

Thankyou marciapan for your comments.

To RobertBlass…you clearly do not understand the art and magic that is poker and would prefer to play hands blind or on a whim.

While I do understand your rational, and although this is a free poker site, the competitive aspect is still present and I argue that players within the community want to have a fair and competitive experience.

If you play for real money, you will never have players just shoving for the sake of it…because everyone wants to be in the prize money. RP has worked hard to give players that want to play ‘‘real’’ poker without the risk of financial loss by menas of making the top players known in the way of the top lists etc.

It is a very competitive community. And I just think that the whole should respect the majority.

But, if you’re a player thet want to go all in all the time and not respect the art that is poker, nobody can stop you. However, I’d ask you to remember that some people take this site seriously. It has a lot of potetial and we ALL should be working hard between us to make it the most successful and fun(ist) free poker site on the web.

Oh please, this is play money poker and doesn’t resemble real play in anyway.

The computer program decides the winner not the player.

People call bogus hands because they know the odds of catching the turn or river is very high, unlike anything you would see in real poker.

So spare me the “people take this site very seriously” when, clearly, if they did, “shoving” would be near the bottom of the list of concerns for “real” poker players.

This is a fun site and you have to take it as that until they fix the program to make cards very random.

Then, people will play as close to real poker as possible.

You’re wrong.

You should not play this site. People like you just don’t get it at all.

Oke, please finish this mud throwing to each other.

Marcipan, deadman and I disagree on some of the changes that should occur. It’s not mean spirited,

Just like any idea that’s put forward, people will disagree.

Don’t see the mud you speak of.

I totally disagree with your words “The computer program decides the winner not the player”.

The dealing is done by a dealing program,but the players make the game. You not win because the computer decides it. Poker is more than luck. Skills counts also, and the way you play your cards, your stack and position and i agree with deadmansout, there are many good and serious players on the site who play the game poker.

And I totally disagree with your assessment that the “players make the game”.

That is so far from the truth it’s not even funny.

I’ve gone on winning streaks and it had nothing to do with me.

The cards just kept falling in place. No thinking or strategy involved.

Didn’t have to bluff, chase, or read the other players.

Didn’t matter because the flop always matched my hand in some way.

That, Happiness, is not random, it was decided by the computer program that I would get all of the good cards.

And I mean ALL of the good cards. No one had a chance.

As i wrote in the other topic, ReplayPoker offers a fair game, the dealing is tested, the certificat that the dealing is fair shows on the site. Accuse the site for unfairness is very heavy. Accusations based on thoughts is not enough, send the proof.

The site is fair. The dealing is fair. Sometimes the cards fall in your favour, sometimes they don’t. This happens with real money poker, live poker, in fact, ALL card games. :slight_smile:

Robert Blass apparently just likes to argue with everything.

The main point of me starting this conversation has been lost, so I’d ask that the thread simply be deleted.