I got screwed!

Just finished playing a “free roll to 15K ticket” tourney, where the top 9 finishers get a free ticket to enter a 15k buy in tourney. I was in 6th place out of 224 and the lobby leaderboard showed that there were only NINE remaining players. So…all nine of us get a ticket. The leader board had our chip amount next to our names but for those players who busted out…they had a ZERO next to theirs. Again, there were only 9 players left. So…next hand i end up in a pot with trip 6s and in up all in on chip leader. He hits a flush on the river and boom…not only am I out…but the entire tourney is OVER and it says I ended up in 10th place, ONE place out of the winners placings. My son was here watching the tourney on his computer as he had played it as well but was already busted out. We BOTH saw on both computers that I was in 6th going into my last hand, with only 9 players left (so…I KNEW I was “in the money” already). We can not figure out why the computer showed me finish in 10th.

Is it possible that when I looked at the lobby leaderboard that the 10th place player had ALL his chips into an active hand’s pot…and therefor showed “0” next to his name, and then he ended up winning the pot ??? Really confused as to how this happened.

Anyone experience anything like this??

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You were at a table of four while the other table had six players so Replay removed a player from the other table and re-seated them at your table. As the tables do not have a synchronised deal this player was at neither table for a short period. The lobby page shows the 5 players still at the other table plus the four at your table but not the player waiting to join your table. Once this player is seated the lobby page will again recognise them and adjust itself to show 10 players. Every time Replay balances the tables, the players being re-balanced disappear for a few seconds until they are re-seated. If you watch the lobby page during a tourney whole tables will vanish and re-appear this way.
Out on the bubble is always the worst hit. I would have been all-in on that flop though and hoping for a call rather than the way you did it. Better luck next time…

This is a perfect example of why Replay Poker needs to have Hand for Hand dealing at the key times. I’m a bit shocked that its not programmed into the games here because it is so important to the game and the players. A whole host of issues would be solved if Replay Poker started using Hand for Hand dealing and the play would more accurately mimic real play.

If anyone from the staff reads this, could you LMK if this has ever been brought up before and if so, does RP have any comments on it? It is really a fundamental part of MTT play and this is the 1st venue I’ve ever played on without it.

thanks for the explanation. I’ve only been on this site for maybe a week, so I’m not used to all the nuances of Replay yet. I have noticed that when I leave a ring game and go back to the dashboard…my chip count is usually not accurate. I have to refresh the page a few times and then after a minute or so…it adds back the chip count that I left the table with.

Were you in that tournament with me?? You said you would’ve pushed all in on the flop but it wouldn’t have mattered. He had me covered like 3 or 4 to 1 and wasn’t folding. The issue I have is not necessarily the bad beat I took…rather the fact that I was convinced (due to what the lobby leaderboard showed) that I was ALREADY in the top 9…so I wasn’t overly concerned about my style of play anymore. The bad beat was just the sh!t icing on the craptastic cake!!

If there had been only 9 players then the hand would not be dealt since the top nine are the winners.

Eddie has a real good point… as soon as #10 goes out… the tourny ends.

What I think happened is this, Replay updated current chip totals, but someone was all in, thus they had 0, and when they won the hand, they wouldda not been @ 0 on the next update. In this specific MTT, … always know it will end @ 9 ppl… if its not over, you aren’t down to 9 ppl…

There is 1 exception, like in the promotion in November, where the final 9 kept playing to declare a actuall winner, or was it top 3… anywho… I bet thats what u saw, somehow.

If the lobby page refreshes while the tables are re-balancing the players being moved disappear until they are reseated and the lobby refreshes again. If you watch the last 2 hands the tables were 6 and 4 players so Replay moved one player to balance the tables 5–5. As the tables do not have a synchronised deal this player was at neither table for a short period of time. This is when the player vanished from the lobby page as it refreshed. Nothing to do with a player maybe being all-in. Watch the lobby and you will see this happen a lot. Don’t know if this is meant to happen but it does.
eddie is right tho… play til the final whistle sounds…