I got my third Royal S8 Flush yesterday, but my award haven't been updated

I got my third Royal S8 Flush yesterday, but my award haven’t been updated. Would really want that last award :). For sum up i don’t remember first one ()was probly 4-5 years ago) but have got 2 more in past half year and they’re won in showdown or i’ve shown them after winning. Not big problem, but i want the hardest award because i’ve earned it now cheers :). Note: This topic was created from a reply on the I have made more than three RSF’s why are my awards not reflecting that? topic.

They’re all in hold’em btw ofc.

The awards update is not real time, all user have to wait a lil bit more for it. I hope you dont mind I made this new topic, may intresting for others.

I don’t mind one bit ^^. Just to clarify that i had level 3 award before i started playing again half year ago so i had one already and have got 2 since then and shown them both so i don’t think there should be any problem about me mucking em ^^. Does omaha royal count btw or only hold em?

I found these 2 after my long break, but the one what won me the level 3 award is lost, because my old saved hands very cleared ^^. Hope it helps. http://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/67996372 http://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/60157075

I see. I dont think omaha count… It is a valid Question… I andu, then may someone come around. Tx

Hey Separi, I’ll get the tech guys to take a look and we’ll post an update here shortly.

Hey Separi,

We checked the awards and you had the your first Royal straight flush in 2008-11-05, and then the other two (2013-02-12 and 2013-08-22). Since we changed the way we store the best hands, that first rsf was not being counted (not the last). I manually awarded you with level 4.


Yeah i thought there was something wrong here ^^. Thx a lot I’ve been trying to get this like half a year lol.

hi RP, you’ve got a great game site. keep it up… about a month ago, i too got a royal str8 flush on a ring table. as of yet, i haven’t seen it on my awards page. i’m wondering if its because at show-down, i wasn’t called, so i never SHOWed my hand/hole cards. is this necessary for the computer to pick up the hand/ holecards? if so, it’d be a good idea to put this in the notes somewhere on the awards page, so us players know to uncheck the auto-muck box and hit SHOW?( is this the proper way to expose your hand to get credit?) i get royals so very INFREQ so would like to get credit for one when it comes in. (this was my FIRST ever on RP).

Yes, mucked hands wont count, yes, undo auto muck then show the hand to others the proper way as you said. :slight_smile:

Glad you like the site bubbabeanne! If you can dig out the hand id of the royal straight flush, I’ll confirm and can manually give you the award.

thank you very much paul. my notes tell me that it was a million dollar freeroll, NL Holdem tourny # 142320. and the hand was either # 73091866 or # 73091905. hope this is helpfull, and do appreciate your extra-effort; thanks a million.

on another note; once again, when i log on (12/31/13) i’m not getting my free cash addition. (it did re-start for a couple of days, than stopped again).

Sorry for the delay in replying. Happy to help! So I checked both hands, but on both you were away and folded: http://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/73091866 http://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/73091905

However I’ll take your word, and I’ve now awarded your the Royal Straight Flush award, congratulations!

About the daily bonus, I checked and you did get it on 12/31/13 so for some reason it just didn’t show. We’ve had a few reported issues of that, so it’s something we’ll definitely look into. Thanks for reporting!