I finally did it to someone else

34o in the BB in the Bounty Brawl last night. Blinds are 50/100. Button raises to 6BB, and I’m not paying very close attention to the hand, and hit Call when I thought it said Check. Oops. UTG calls to, and we’re three-way to the flop.

This is not going to end well, is it.

Well, the flop gave me a wheel straight: 2A5. So that wasn’t too bad. I’m ahead and sitting on the nuts after having made a disastrously bad call with some pretty ragged cards.

I check. UTG min-bets, Button and I call. I could raise here, but why. When they’re betting, and you have the nuts, let them bet.

Turn is a 6, and my straight has actually improved. Nice. I check again, UTG leads out again with a min bet, and this time the Button – who had bet so big to start the hand mucks it.

Wonder what he could have had? Not a Ace, evidently. I’ll guess and say it was two painted cards, but not a pair. With the board showing 2A56, KQ or KJ or QJ can’t make any straight, and are dominated by a pair of Aces, which it’s likely one of the other players in the hand would have for them to have called the big preflop raise.

Down to just two, I decide it’s time to see if I can build this pot up big, so I raise, 1/2 pot bet. UTG calls. I’m actually just a little bit paranoid right here that if a 7 comes next, I’ll have the idiot-end of a middle straight, which could end up a disaster if my opponent is on 89 or 84 and ends up filling out a gutshot to a better straight, so I kinda hoped that this bet would end the hand.

People are just not folding to my 1/2 pot bets to night though, much to my detriment.

River is another Ace, and I’m figuring UTG is on an Ace, and I’m hoping just one because if it’s 3 Aces I’m good, but if he’s got Quads this is right back to an unhappy ending again.

C’est la vie if it is – I go for it and shove, figuring there’s no way he doesn’t call with 3 Aces, and if it’s Four it wasn’t going to be much fun playing with what would be left of my stack anyway.

He calls, and flips up 99, for AA99, and I’ve done it. Got it all in with my 2-6 straight and won the hand. I was really hoping at the start of the hand that this would be one of those stories about an idiot call cracking pocket Aces, but pocket 9s will do. 9700 chips come to me.

Wish I could have seen what @1953Rambo had, though, since he started it all.