I Don't Get This

Player on the BB is away, but forced allin. Why does the software auto-fold him to an uncompleted SB?


Looks like a tournament. Away means bet an fold. BB is 880 and his stack was appx. 680, so it is an all in.

Yes, it was a tournament. I guess what’s bothering me (a little) is that it was a heads up situation, and i won more than I had at risk. It just doesn’t seem right, considering that he was allin.

The software has to manage the off table situation and it is done this way. Take it.
The mistake came from ruthless or manni. A good 3+ bet against the SB is in my mind. BB is offline and SB has forced chips on the table… :wink:

WOW win a hand for more than you bet… It is starting to look like there is nobody home at replay. last week I posted about someone folding even though they already had more than a call in the pot and now everytime we try to play we get the “click here to update flash” message" .
Anybody got any ideas where we all go.
dont delete this kate

I think there’s a problem with the way allins are being handled. Shouldn’t you at least get cards?


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This particular situation is a bug and we’re going to fix it. I don’t have an ETA right now, but we absolutely need the logic here to work correctly.


Thanks Fizzy. I’m confident your team will resolve the problem, I just wasn’t sure they were aware of it.