I Don't Get It

Yeah well if they leave the site, was t that serious a comment ?

Your definition of serious and their’s may not be the same.

We all agreed to abide by the rules of the site. Name calling and personal attacks are against the terms of use. Should we not honor our own word? If we take advantage of the free poker, shouldn’t we uphold our end of the deal?


I hate it when people show hate.
And have no tolerance for intolerance.
Shouldn’t the donks who call folks names.
Douse the fire in their pants.

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Show us who you are
Pass the test of suffering
Silently endure

There once was a player who cried
whenever his chip stack had died
Because he was reeling
He lashed out unfeeling
Now muted he’s minus the chides


Well stated!


One of the all-time angriest hair styles.

Help me out on this one.The royal challenge-ring games competition taking place have 2 leaderboards .1) number of hands played 2) number of big blinds won. What I can’t figure out is the leader played 3000 hands and won 11000 blinds . How can that be ???

Hey cas :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean exactly. The blinds won depend on the pot, and have nothing to do with the number of hands played really.

One can win (or lose) any number of big blinds per hand. One hand can bring 4 big blinds, another could win 20 big blinds, depending on the bets and the number of players and the chips involved.
The number of hands played is just how many hands one plays regardless of wins or losses.

Does that make sense? Or were you asking something else?

Right. They are using the term “big blind” as a betting unit, not as a position.

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Yes suck-outs are annoying but remember you can add notes to those players and use them like an ATM!


Welcomne to the forum Joe.

Yeah, you can also send them a friend request to make them easier to find.

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:imp: :rofl:

Could u please help me to understand when they should ANTE for a player i get to the table they ANTE 3 time they ANTE 100 AGAIN THAN A HAND GOES BY THAN THE FOLLOWING HAND THEY ANTE 50 CHIPS THAN I PLAY 2 HANDS ANTE 100 AGAIN i would like to know why so soon together if there are 9 players I really need your help thank you sammymorgan

any nasty comments are always uncalled for, since this is just a silly game involved with massive luck (good or bad) that we all play for free. I also do completely understand the frustration that can and will occur, for instance hitting your cowboys on the flop only to lose to someone calling your massive bet with 2-6 only to river you with a straight. The reason so much of this BS occurs is that we are playing for free!..plain and simple, wouldn’t happen nearly so much with real money, have a nice day!

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What I love most about Replay is that when I get up from playing, time is the only thing I have less of. Everything else is gravy, the suck-outs, what’s mine, what’s yours, his, hers, so what… Sure there are times when I play “perfectly” and a player hits runner/runner to suck out. No I don’t like it, but the amount of time I spend “disliking” the outcome of ANY hand shortens with each passing year. Seconds after such a hand I remember I still need to take the trash out and it is a beautiful day outside (where I should probably be anyway). Perspective is everything… Maybe some of you should be glad you are still YOUNG enough to be pissed off at things that really don’t matter.


Well said :wink:


One of the best posts I have read, thank you :blush:

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well my friend, it is an unspoken rule of poker. The person who suffered a huge lose, gets to say whatever he wants!

Unspoken? I agree. I’ve never heard that rule before. That sounds like something Phil Helmuth would say in the middle of a steaming rage. “Hey Honey…, this IDIOT just raised my all-in bluff with a pair of pocket Aces, PREFLOP no less!”

The only reason I tolerate rude players is because I usually take their money, eventually. There is no money here, and therefore no reason to consider having to tolerate rude play. If a player finds another player so incredibly objectionable they feel it appropriate to belittle, degrade and insult said player, perhaps another leisure activity is in order for the intemperate player.

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