I didn't receive my prize after the tournament

I played in a tournament and came in 7th place, but I didn’t receive my prize. How do I get them to see this and give me the prize?

May, I ask what tournament was it & I will look into.

If you know you should receive your prize, send an E-mail to support@replaypoker.com and they will correct the problem if needed.

I can see you was really on 7th place on Bankroll Builder. If you can not find the chips on your transactions, then can only support help. And it looks like you got your won chips really not.
If i win something on a MTT, i get seconds later an email because this.


Send them this link.

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It may also be that the leaderboard only had set rewards for certain placements.
I understand that the tournament may of had a prize for the place you finished in, but you may have had an internet issue.
I can say this from experience as I have also had this happen to me and did not get any sign of a reward.

Anyone having issues regarding chip prizes, please contact support@replaypoker.com and they will look into it for you.
Alternatively click on the above link and write a message.
Hope this helps