I didn't receive my awards

I seem to be missing some awards for ‘hands won’ and ‘best hand’. Could you please look into it for me. Thanks, lazyboy1167

Thanks for reporting this, we’ll look into this and get back to you.

i havent recieved my awards yet for hands played hands won and for making high stakes

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Have over 5000+ hands folded Haven’t received ‘Level 2 Hands Folded Award’ that is 5000 folds

I also havent recieved my hands played or my medium stakes award.

Thanks for reporting the problems - our tech team will fix this shortly.

Everyone should now have received their awards. We’ve added some monitoring now, so if there’s ever a problem in the future we’ll know about it immediately. Thanks for your patience!

Hello, I cannot Tell if I have received points for my last 3 awards just recently won. It concerns me to see many people with the same issue. And that it takes me writing to get a response since if you do not play with real mmoney, it seems that RP takes these players less seriously. Here’s a thought…earn their trust handling playmoney correctly. It might give the appearance that you would take care of the real thing !


Hi Monica,

I just checked and you’ve been awarded 4 awards and the play money chips for them in the last 3 days. If you visit the home page here: http://www.replaypoker.com it should tell you in Latest Events which awards you won and how many play chips you received.

We’re working on a brand new design for the site and we’re going to make it much easier to see the sort of information. I think you’ll like it!

I can assure you we take play money poker very seriously, and will continue to make improvements and respond to feedback to make ReplayPoker THE place to go for play money poker. Thanks to your feedback and suggestions it will only get better.

Best Regards, Paul.

I haven’t received my level 4 royal flush award

Hi Barbara,

Did you make a note of the hand id where you got it, or can you find it from your Activity report if it was a ring game. The reason it hasn’t shown is either:

  • It was on a royal table (these aren’t included) - You didn’t show the hand to the table (it was either mucked or everyone folded)

Could it have been either of those? We’re thinking of revising the second rule about showing to the table. So if you can find me the hand id, if that was the reason I can manually award it to you.

Best, Paul