I challenge GamerGirl

I wanted to wait to be the second in the top list to do it, but it would have meant postponing for a few weeks.

So, given the boredom associated with a perennial easy win, it seems to me has come the time to take all the chips of the site.

This is the reason why I officially challenge Gamergirl, to give a little sparkle of real poker in all this sad space.

(I know that GG is reading this forum and I am sure he will answer, otherwise he would make a fool)

Btw, I decently respect this player - even though he made a donk call with A2 in one of the highest pots on the site - but now, given the poor action, it’s time to compete for the bankroll.

So, I’m here to challenge the aforementioned player, in the following ways:

  1. Only heads-up games will be played. If a third player arrives, we will open more tables to be heads up again

  2. We will play at least 2 tables at a time (for me also 4) always respecting a 1: 1 ratio between NLHE and NLO8

  3. When a session begins, you will not be able to leave before an hour and you will agree in chat (I will try not to get banned) a set time at the beginning of the session in which you will play

  4. The blinds will obviously be the highest available on the site

  5. The challenge will end when one of the two players has won 10B from the other (or when one of the two has gone broken)

  6. The challenge will last as long as necessary until the conditions are met or one of the two players gives up

Would you like to see some real poker on this site?

Then convince the # 1 site not to back down …


I play you headsup the most, so why you need a challenge? You may count the chip you win/lose and if you reach 10bills, pat yourself on the back :slight_smile:

I challenge you! Don’t be mute, I love to hear the trash talk!


I will show you the real call - Hand #653868565 · Replay Poker
Now give the hand analysis

Well, for an amateur like me…I do love the chat and the challenges! I wish you both Luck, even though neither of you need it!! LOL!


Play for real money not play money, If you both are truly serious in flexing egos than put something with real value in the line and see who is truly the best NLH player between you two.


İam just a 100mill guy and play on royal where he joins me a lot i mean eljo and yes trash talk he do but he can t get my chips i took 20m from him unfortunately he dares only play a few minutes against me .

don’t hesitate to give the date i want to see it
prognosis: none
I played only 10 hands against jogador and I don’t know gamegirl(probably a new player)

good luck to you both

Is that Claudius Maximus on your pic now? Edit: Errr, oops… I meant Claudius Augustus.


For 3 reasons:

  1. fun
  2. watch who is the best
  3. I wouldn’t want to get you bored by playing against certain elements :slight_smile:

you are really very brave and imaginative! :slight_smile:

How tender! But sadly, you have been at 100m for years (years in which you wait for people to sit who do not understand that it is royal and consider themselves very lucky to always have high cards :joy:)

@Tiggyxxx you’re se tender too :joy:

@Tarnegol how sweet you are! I always love your chips… and ofc, I would have challenged you too in omaha8, if you weren’t someone who runs away as soon as he wins 5 blinds :joy:. Btw, your chips are yummy.

(End of littleness)

NOW, it’s time to decide …
Does the #1 of the site the challenge or withdraw?

Just say it!

So many rules…this is not legal document…
More rules —> less fun…
I keep playing you and you record results in your journal to track your progress, hope that will make you feel more tender, sweet boy

oh noo you totaly wrong .i just got to 100m pumpkin TXS to you.and don t hate ev1 lıke u say on ur profile Like them love them.change’ your mind it will change your world’…but promise me when you joın again to royal stay longer not easy to get ur chıps ın a few mın. ı gıve you that.


Lol…this is some funny stuff here. :wink:

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Great hand from didgeplayer:

(I would like to remind everyone that this is the very intelligent game called “Royal” and I ask you for a technical opinion) :grin:


This is a prime example of why I tell everyone including in the thread here about Jacks. Do not underestimate Jacks as your hole cards !!! Well done :smiley:


we are missing the pre flop screen shot - who raises JJ in royal ? but hey ho we get K10 raises in royal


you gave me great idea joga .ill share a hand ın whıch i
bluffed u wıth a 2p n u gave a a pot lıke 5 mill??.and change ur habits play longer man .actually let s play 1 hour no run n we ll see who s how ended up. dare somethıng joga play royal wıth me.

And by the way CONGRATS .for your first hi pot win against me .way to go man still got ur 25m.lol

Seeing how you played the hand above, who could ever believe you? :joy: :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

İam saying again play a little longer on replay .don t run while loosing have faith you will lose only 40 50 mill İF you play longer …lmaoooooooooooooooooo.