I can't win an allin to save my life

Feelmysins you reviewed one hour of my time, not my entire history. It just keeps happening over and over I even tried making a new account (do me a favor and ban me don’t care) and it happens again and again and again.

The people who reviewed on this site are on to you, Replay. Replay Poker Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of replaypoker.com

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is there a free poker site that doesn’t have that kind of reviews?

I’ve never seen one.

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Probably true, because online poker is not legit across the board compared to playing real cards. Instead of having a truly random deck I guess site owners are too tempted by making people buy more chips, and don’t want good players to destroy bingo players. That’s just my guess though. Only the owners of Replay truly know the reasons why they do what they do. But the word favored means favored, and I lose most of the time when I’m favored. Maybe the amount of times my cards do hold up I’m off on the 5% maybe it’s 10%, 15%, 20% heck 40%. But all of those mean the same thing I have a better chance of losing when I’m FAVORED then winning. So that’s not the same thing as real cards the percentages just don’t match.

There’s been at least 2 play money poker sites where the CEO ADMITTED it was rigged, one being Zynga. It’s a shame Replay’s CEO won’t do the same. They need to the right thing, but probably won’t. Heck Zynga feels like a breath of fresh air compared to here as the draw outs are not as frequent there as they are here. It’s a shame because Replay has the best setup as far as tournaments. It’s just not legitimate poker.

Take what I say and throw it in the garbage for all I care. I know the truth, and so do the people that run the site.

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@Jayinem @SunPowerGuru @riverjack930

you guys havent seen anything yet. Check out how a legend plays at rgplay poker. Maybe you should all learn. I havent seen this guy lost a single all-in

I could only see the session you were playing at the time so that’s all I reviewed but you were certainly winning more than 5% or 40%. Have you reviewed your entire history and do you have an accurate win/loss ratio?. If you review your hands and find a glaring discrepancy between expected and actual results you have evidence. Until then it is merely guesswork.


Why would the people running replay care enough about you to rig it against you?


I hope my life never depends on a poker game LOL

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It’s like they say"every hand’s a winner and every hand’s a loser" it’s been my experience that it’s mostly luck of the draw.

I figured out the pattern that when I’m in an allin against high stake players, they hit their miracle card at an ungodly type rate. Most of them have learned this and will just shove on a flush draw allin I call way ahead and BAM they hit their donkey miracle card. It’s pretty much a guarantee every time. The ones defending the site are the ones winning on the river. So if you’re like me getting wrecked when you had the best hand when allin, don’t trust these people.

And don’t tell me it can’t be programmed to favor higher stake players. Since the 80’s they’ve programmed role playing video games with levels and if you’re a level 5 and go up against a level 80 you’re going to get your ass kicked. Replay has made basically the same system. The ones paying the most money and are premium are the level 80 and us that want free fun are the level 5.

These idiots that think they’re skilled by hitting flushes over and over probably go to real card games and are the level 5s because this crap site has trained them that it pays to be donkeys. Unfortunatley donkeys don’t win at real poker very often.

If it was just random when I was behind I would hit my card on them just as much as they do on me. But I rarely EVER win on the river, maybe once a week.

Replay is not real poker. It’s a bingo poker site that favors those that pay real money for it.

MonsterCards you have 20 million chips. You’re one of the favored so you’re not going to get ran out on much, you’re going to be doing the running out. HoboSoup 6.8 million chips. Feelmysins researching my hands with your over 7 million chips what a joke.You think I will take you guys seriously? You’re the favored.

I saw this 666satan last night. It’s really weird. He didn’t lose a hand when I was at his table either. Just reconfirms my stance that this site is garbage.

I don’t think about you at all.

I have something like 60 million chips, which isn’t a lot, really. I also get sucked out on, sometimes brutally. I’m rarely more than a 80-20 favorite, so I expect to get sucked out on at least 20% of the time, so I don’t make up some unfair monster to explain it.

It’s rare to be an 80/20 favorite, the edge is usually quite a bit smaller. 60/40 is common. Do I lose 40% of my 60/40 hands? Yeah, I think so. That’s just the way reality works.


I am a high stakes player and rarely get my miracle card. its just opposite for me. I always lose to newbies or a player has been on the site for 4-5 years and have no bankroll, that hit their miracle cards.
other than that I totally agree with you.

Today I was eliminated by the same opponent twice on the river in consecutive 1million tournaments, both times I put my money in having more than 80% equity. It’s not rigged, it just feels that way.


Why this hasn’t been merged with The Fairness Debate

is completely beyond me.

There is a large number of players who have accumulated, through their own efforts, > 60 million chips. Those players, who have never or rarely bought chips, are not the people who complain.

I only ever see people who are unable to understand the nuances of poker complain.

Is there, I wonder, some correlation between the “whinge factor” and “losing when playing a game the participant doesn’t understand”?

Kind regards,
Slava Ukraini


Well you obviously didn’t research your hands because if you did you would realise

  1. You are mistaken when you allege you lose 95% of all-ins
  2. The cards are dealt in a random fashion
  3. Everyone has purple patches and card dead spells

I can’t find your profile so I assume you quit in a tilt fit so when you come back under a different name please review your hands…

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Just in case anyone is entertaining the notion that players who buy chips receive preferential treatment, I’ll show you a player who buys chips regularly - the biggest package (12 million chips for $249.99). A few days later, his balance is back down to zero. I suspect he is this site’s best customer. He will be one of very few players (perhaps he is the only player) to have purchased 12,000,000 chips multiple times.

No rigged cards for him. He’s just really bad at poker - all in with bottom pair, raising pre-flop with absolute garbage, playing too many hands, no bankroll management skills, etc.

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It’s funny in real life I win tournaments at a very high rate. But on replay with all the multiple accounts I’ve tried (thought maybe the suckouts would stop and in short burts times they did) I’ve only won 1 tournament out of hundreds. I’ve won about 10 in real life in the last month. No not huge casino tournaments I’m not trying to pretend I’m a pro but multi table local bar tournaments. (but the skill level is still greater than the players at Replay easily) I guess I’m just bad at replay poker, but not real life poker. Replay poker is obviously more real than real life poker so that means I just suck as a poker player. /s

Heck playing Replay all the time makes real life poker sorta easy, not that there’s no randomness and I don’t sucked out on occasion but I also might hit a card on the river to my opponent so it’s fair. But just the ungodly amount of suckouts on the site makes real life easier to me where it doesn’t happen 8 times out of 10. And how is it I can count on my hand the times I’ve rivered my opponent and they’ve done to me more times than that today alone.

Most of the suckout artists that have 60 million chips on here would not fair well in real life. They probably think their professionals but in a real life card game they’d get wrecked because donkeys rarely win at a poker but do incredibly well on Replay poker.

My cards just hold up better in real life than Replay I guess. Wonder why…

Your site is crap.

I don’t pretend to understand Replay poker’s coding or logic when they made the coding or anything like that. I’ve heard people say they’ve never bought chips with a single dollar and don’t get the suckouts as much so maybe it’s rigged against people who buy because why would they want the ones to buy to do well they want them to buy again.

I usually just buy the .99 cent 65k chips because I’m not giving this site any more than that because they don’t deserve it but yet the free amount is too little to play multi table tournaments.

But if you really believe the site is not rigged why do I strike a nerve and you guys all jump down my throat? You shouldn’t care what I think I’m just one person, yet some of you get very defensive and try to research my hands, make personal insults to me etc… which is lunacy. It’s almost odd the way some of you act instead of just shrugging and saying “oh well one person thinks it’s rigged he’s wrong” and move on with your lives.

I am guilty of playing still even though I know it’s rigged. I just love multi table tournaments and Replay has the best ones of any site by far. So there’s a complement. It’s just not a fair deck.

I have to question if some of you have even played one hand of real life poker because if you did you would know Replay is rigged at worst, broken at best. I guarantee a good percentage of players on this site never have in their entire lives.

It’s pretty crappy that if you’re all in it changes the outcome against you it shouldn’t matter the same card should come if you check or go all in but that is definitely not the case.