I CANT ACCESS POKER TABLE.I am new to the site

I can not access poker tables.I signed up today got my user name and password straight.When i click on seat available and open game nothing happens…

Hi. Did you check your email after you register? (may need to check your spam folder) You should read something like this( this is example only) :

Thank you for joining ReplayPoker!

In order to start playing, please click the following link to activate your account:


Your account details are as follows:

Username: jukeboxxxzero

Password: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Then you ready to play! Good luck at the tables !

Your account is activated. Are you sure you’re joining a table you have enough play money to sit at?

it says click the link in my email, but it doesnt allow me to

try copy paste the url directly in your browser.

please help me log in

I cant find your user name. Did you new? Need activate your account, you should get email, and follow thet. If something else, please tell your user name.

my username utuhood@gmail, when on i login to Replay Poker as "has already been taken, or that the username or password is incorrect even though i have put in the correct details. Are u able to sort this problem out at your end? as this is doing my head in. 3rd day without a game anylonger i may have to quit site 4 good, i have wasted a lot of data trying to fix this issue with no results.

Only you, I guess you miss tipe the pass somhow . The quick fix is open new acc, with new email.( I remove your post becouse your email.)

Hi Joel, you’re trying to sign up again rather than log in. The play now button takes you to the sign up page, you need to use the log in link instead at the top of the page that takes you here: http://www.replaypoker.com/login

Your username is joel_samuel

If you can’t remember your password you can request a new one here: http://www.replaypoker.com/password/request