I can not find anywhere, the portal to sign up for the RPOS tourns Please respond so i can participate. Thank You


Hi Luke53

Monday the Satellite Fever start, these tourneys will be online Sunday (at last Monday morning), you can register for these tournaments on the Multi Table Tournament page when the tourneys are online and open for registering

Not sure if there comes the possiblity to register on the promo page / section for these tourneys or if there comes a link to go directly to the MTT page. I’ll ask Shake.

Thanks for the suggestion, very usefull Greetings Happiness.

I am also “lost”

Stay focused Sark, Shake organized the biggest promotion ever on ReplayPoker, very exciting:)

ok , I saw … september :wink:

btw. I’d like to see in CET

The tournaments for the RPOS promotion are listed in the MTT lobby: http://www.replaypoker.com/lobby/mtts

We’ll add direct links to the main tournament events from the new promo section: http://www.replaypoker.com/promotions/rpos-tournament-events

As for CET time, we don’t have a way to show them right now in the promo section like that, but we will update the lobby to show all time in your local timezone, instead of “in X mins/hours/days”.

ok Paul , I find all I want to know, tks

Hi All,

All RPOS tournaments are now live and you have a link to the tournament lobby from the RPOS - Tournament events promotion page.

Best, Shake