I believe my winnings for this day are incorrectly posted, too low by a lot. Is there a way to double check this?

I played and was up about 8k. I later played and was up another 64k+, but my daily total show 11k+. Even if I had forgotten a 50k rebuy, which I don’t believe I did, the total would be way low.

Only staff member can check it out, Monday to Friday, send RP support team a message by clicking the (?) button at the top of every page or email them at: support@replaypoker.com.

If you were just playing on the ring game tables then you can check your activity report, which shows all the sessions and hands you player here: http://www.replaypoker.com/activity

Some of the winnings showed up on today’s part of the graph. I started playing before midnight and finished after. Thanks for the reply. The activity report is great. I really enjoy Replay Poker.