I became the top #2 player in less than a year

Good evening everyone, dear friends!

Today, by chance, I became aware of the fact that I became the number 2 of the entire site, surpassing the esteemed and fearsome player Kaei.

Not bad at all…

Almost a year has passed, between one all-in and another.

Time has flown time has flown by… And even if I think I have played very little, by some coincidence I am now in second place.

→ This post is to let you know, so you can celebrate me!

We have shared many experiences together, and each of you I have met at the table has been more than a friend to me.

You know the esteem I have in each of you and I think I have shown it to you :slight_smile:

So, I would like you here to rejoice in my achievement, just as I would certainly have rejoiced in your successes.

Do not be hesitant … Indulge yourself in the comments!

It’s up to you guys…


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Did you beat Gamergirl in the heads up challenge? What happened to that?

unfortunately he retired :frowning:

Impressive. What’s your secret?

Congrats that’s pretty awesome. Cheers!

great job well done - hopefully you will now stop joining me in a 1k sit and go - always a pleasure but a bit odd when you do that :slight_smile:


That’s very good to accomplish it within a one year’s timeframe but, Kaei is just slightly behind you in chips. If gamergirl has really retired, doesn’t that make you #1 on the best players list?

Or, are you just waiting (wanting) for someone else to point that out to everyone??

Are you going to compete in the Replay Team Championship which is starting next week? The details are posted on the Promotion page.

If you were not planning it, you should give it some thought because these tourneys are a lot of fun.

If you can’t make that one then you should plan to enter the annual RPOS tournaments which usually starts in August or September.


All hail the mighty El-Jogador!

Hail El-Jogador, hail El-Jogador, hail El-Jogador !!!

If that’s not enough of an ego pump, I could sing you a few bars from DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win”. Let ne know.

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Thank you Sun,

It was a very noble thing on your part :heart:

If I could also sing the song to myself I would really appreciate it.

P.S. I would really like to reach 100 comments in this post, I am also waiting for those of my best friends Kaei, CKE, didge, Mansoor, and others who are so much my friends that I can’t remember their names now :wink:

And also, if the Replay staff wanted to also give me a cash prize, I’m not sure I would refuse it. :heart:

She is active!!!?? gamergirI

y como lo lograste?? pense que contabas como jajaj felicidades

I did not see or hear about you at the World Poker Tour in Malta, or any professional tournaments for that matter, why ? You should be competing if your that good on a play chip site.


Replay…It’s not one’s bank that should be displayed or determines rank.
It’s NET WINNINGS…obviously. Changing that would be more fair to all
and show true rank.


Well done El-Jogador, that is impressive

Did you set out to make the top 10 or top 100 . Was it a target. Also were you entirely new to poker when you started last year

Very good point RocketChips, but please indulge me for a moment.
I am not in the top 100 in chip ranking, nor even in the top 1000. I’m quite sure that if the “net winnings” were used in the measure of one’s skill at the play poker table…or should that be “virtual poker table, play chips”…it would be a huge blow to my ego. :wink:
Please refrain from making such sensible suggestions. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you,

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Sorry, -ed. Can’t help myself. Here’s one more…
Scrap any system involving “rank”. Simply unnecessary on a free site.
We’re here for fun and any competition is strictly at the tables and tournaments, imo.

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Cool story. You need to get out more.

Fair point RocketChips.
In just a few sittings, sometimes just a few hands, you can figure out whether the biggest chip stack was won or purchased.

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