I Asked the Following Question of a Moderator

“Do you feel it’s fair that moderators compete against players in the monthly MTT contests?”

I received no answer whatsoever. Complete silence! I find that unacceptable and I also find it ridiculous that customers compete against employees for prizes. That’s like the dealer at a casino also dealing himself a hand and playing against the players.

It’s absolutely fair that moderators get to play in tournaments. Moderators are volunteers, and they’ve chosen to volunteer because they’re active on the site and enjoy a good game of poker. Both moderators and staff aren’t able to view anyone’s hole cards or alter cards in any way. If you’re seated at a table with a mod, it’s a good opportunity to learn from a long-time player of the site – or win some of their hard-earned chips!


I’ll accept your answer that they are volunteers, but I still think they should be ineligible to win prizes. I certainly wouldn’t support an entity where the volunteers also competed against the people they were monitoring. Not a marathon, not a bingo game, not any type of contestI never said they could see my cards. Please don’t assign things to me that I did not say.

The real point was the question was ignored. It could have been answered when asked and wasn’t. I thought the moderator’s mission was to monitor and help the players. It was a legitimate question. If it had been answered when asked it would not be on this board now.

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Hi VoltEdge,

Thanks for your comments regarding our volunteers and their eligibility to play in the games. All of our volunteers were players before they were volunteers and continue to enjoy their favorite game of poker in tournaments and ring games alike. They do not have any special advantage when they play. They do not know any one else’s cards, and they are subject to the random deals just like any other player.

We truly appreciate all of our players who have a strong desire to help make Replay Poker the best free online poker site on the Internet. We welcome them at all tables, as we do all players.

In terms of the Moderator whom you asked the question, a response was given. However, the table had just rebalanced, and it is likely that you did not see it. If you would like to discuss this in further detail, please feel free to contact me at support@replaypoker.com.

Thanks again for sharing your perspective and giving me the opportunity to clarify our position on volunteers playing at our game tables.

moderators are not good, they are like dogs. The only one true moderator was Happiness.

Hi Caracal,

Happiness was indeed one of our finest Moderators of all time. She has been a role model for many of our Mods and we appreciate every moment she spent with us.

All of our Moderators are good players, good role models and downright good people. I am sorry that you feel they are dogs, but I strongly disagree.

If you have a specific issue with any moderator that you would like to discuss with me, please feel free to contact me at support@replaypoker.com. I will be glad to try and resolve any concerns you may have.

Susan Konrad
Head of Volunteers

Let me say I think all the moderators are good people. My issue was more of a procedural one and not an attack on any moderator.

I watched carefully for a reply, but did not see one. That’s not to say I might have missed it.

In my opinion the matter is moot. They are eligible for prizes and I have received an answer.

Thanks to you and Fizz for replying. I appreciate that.

I have no issue playing against the Moderators , I knew some of them before they became Moderators , they are just players , like us , here for a good time.

I see that he is not moderator anymore, he where all in every hand pre flop, i called him “moderator-donk” so, he is warned me.

Most of the casinos I have played in allowed their dealers to play…on there own time, not while they are dealing…

You would think dealers would be good poker players but that is seldom the case…

Moderators should not be eligible for promotion as they are part of the staff even though they are volunteers


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and providing me with the opportunity to clarify our policy.

All of our translators, moderators and player reps are volunteers and are not part of staff. As volunteer players, our policy is to allow them to play on the site in any game that is available to all players, which includes promotions. To restrict their play experience would be equivalent to penalizing them for their desire to help our community. That doesn’t seem fair to us.


Lokendra and others are concerned not because a number of players volunteer as moderators per se, but because of the status that is automatically put upon moderators. The green ink and moderator title creates a kind of schism. Like it or not, the players change their behavior in the presence of a moderator. This means games are affected, meaning results are affected. This is the concern.

I would make the moderation force invisible; stop the green ink and title. It will serve a dual purpose as the tables that the uniformed moderators played in will now show its true colors and then all the tables have the potential for having a moderator at the table. That will keep the wise guys questioning, and then I think others will not care that moderators play in the bonus point system.

Scratch (ExModerator) due in part because didn’t like green ink and moderator badge

I think moderators should be free to play in any game and reap any rewards.
I also think that while playing, moderators should temporarily set aside their moderator status…not exercising any of the duties, powers or privileges therein, including the green ink and title.

Im volunteer too as I’m buying chips, and all others who do are also volunteers , but many people on here don’t understand that and call ask as bad ones and that its so bad to buy chips, you have to put a “volunteer” in the profile of every one who is buying chips or work for free.

I think Scratch made an excellent point based on my own experience. When I saw a moderator at my table, my play and chat changed. When a sarcastic and very rude player see’s the green ink…he knows not to be sarcastic and rude. Now that I understand the role and status of a moderator, I play and chat as usual.

Most of the complaints come from the players and the moderators process the complaints. Very few moderators actively watch games, observe wrongdoing, and report and then process. There is also a considerable stipend to compensate for the real work in the processing.

I don’t know if translators have the same ink change and badge with their name, but they are also paid for their voluntary work. But because they are not an authority figure I am unsure if they impact the tables. I can’t imagine that they do in any way close to that of the moderators.

I know this isn’t going to happen immediately, but down the road I think it is worth putting an under-cover moderation team in force.


I think you all ought to quit whining…i

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I totally agree, Scratch. I think it would be much better if moderators were incognito.

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