I am tired of something

like everyone has told you, nobody is breaking any betting rules. everyone tried to help you, but you refuse to listen.

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Every casino I’ve ever been in bars “string betting.” String betting is putting up enough to call the prior bet, waiting an instant or two and then (usually with a flourish) adding a raise instead of doing it all as a single action. If string betting was allowed, it would be easier to see and understand the amount in the pot. It is NOT the amount before your call, it’s the amount INCLUDING your call. So Catch’s explanation (and all the others like it) are exactly correct.
Sorry, Rob, you lose this one. Maybe you’d be happier playing limit poker where all the bets and raises are fixed amounts–that’s how I learned the game–or no limit where a player can bet everything he has in front of him. This IS the way a pot limit maximum raise is figured.
Good luck.

Sorry Alan…I never said anything about string betting. I only said that in a pl game if the pot is 100 , anything over 200 is against the rules. I am 100% right. I do not see why you do not see what to me is obvious. Every one I turned in, was punished somehow. Ask those who received my reports and they will say that I was always right,. Ask Dan , lildevil he knows I am right.

When you played you bet twice an amount larger that double the pot… It was confirmed… I am right… If a pot is 150, as player may only bet 300. Anything more is against the rules. My math is very good. { 1000X1000 is 1 million.} Check out hand 53575963 and 535762857…

This link may help to explain the rules of a ‘pot’ bet in PLO.

You are mistaken in your rules and mathematics. Please re-read my previous post on this and post some hands here and I’m sure we can help to explain the apparent inconsistency you are seeing in the betting and if there is something amiss we can notify Replay as to exactly what the issue is.

I don’t understand how in your example you can bet more than 100…lolol

OK wait a minute here… if " pot limit " means the limit of ones bet cannot exceede the Current pot amount then if the pot is 100, your max bet is DUHHH 100. And if you are UTG (1st to act), then yess if the pot is 700 and blinds are 20/40 … you may bet up to 700… but that only works for UTG.

It matters how you got to 700… Now, if pot is 400 and UTG bets 100 and two more call… so thats now 700 and its your turn… 700 is NOT your bet limit… By what SPG said, I will guess max bet here is 900 perhaps ???

The simple problem here is what PL actually means. Noone here needs to be butthurt or even argue. Its a simple oversight on how actually the stated rules are applied, and how a more litteral interpretation might cause confusion.

Many times I click --Pot-- , and its far more than the current pot and I have to manually change it to the current pot. Hey Rob, if you wanna keep telling us we’re wrong, thats kewl … but @least say thanks to CatchDriver and myself , for comming to your table and trying to help you.

Im still trying to understand how PL shud be 2xPL, if the pot is 200 , you bet 200 ( making the pot 400 ) not being allowed to bet 400, isnt that a 2xPot bet ???


I really thought, just going to the table and chatting in realtime would be easiest. Once there I just kept betting the “Pot” in different places to see what It would let me do. Winning a few hands allowed me to stay a bit longer. I regret my time was a waste, but it gave CD lots of data to use, so that worked I guess.

Personally some times ( I think ) it seems wierd, and I was there when Shakeraise explained it one time… So I am ok with the calculation, which seems performed by the code just fine, and consistantly…

I agree with CatchDriver, when I wish Rob all the best. Great explanation SPG


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This is 1 of the hands involving Sassy_Sarah
hand 535762857
Sarah’s bet is correct each time.
Pre-flop. 180. This bet is 40 for her call of ‘ihatecu’ making the pot to this stage( sb 20 + bb 40 + ihatecu 40 + her call 40 = 140). Sarah calls 40 and raises the 140 now in the pot for a total of 180. Five players call making the pot 900.
After the flop roshep bets 40, ihatecu folds and Sarah raises pot.
Sarah bets 1020. This bet is 40 for her call of roshep making the pot at this stage (900 pre flop + roshep 40 + Sarah’s 40 call = 980) Sarah calls roshep 40 and raises the 980 now in the pot for a total bet of 1020.
Pot limit does not mean you can bet a maximum of whats in the pot, it means you can raise a maximum of whats in the pot. That is key to a clear understanding of pot limit. Before you can raise you must call any previous bet. This fact is standard in all poker games. You MUST call before you raise.


Rob, I looked at the first hand you sent me today, and am guessing the others will be about the same…


At the flop, the first player to bet put in 352, making the pot 1057. The next player made a pot sized raise, which is 1761.

Remember, he first had to match the original bet of 352, which made the pot 1409 (1057 + 352). His pot size raise was thus 1409, so the total he had to put in was 1409 + 352, which is 1761. That’s just the way it works, it was not an over-bet.

The software will not let anyone bet more than the rules allow.

Sir I beg your pardon… The software does not do that. If you ask those I had turned in for betting more than the pot, you will see that each 1 was over the pot. Of those I sent today I has 1 or 2 question marks because it went so fast it only appeared to be over the limit. Would you rather I didn’t send any more?

I don’t know what to tell you. Of the hands you sent, 1 I posted here, the next seems like NL, but no big bets. The next doesn’t resolve to a hand

Would I rather you not send more hands? Well, yes, i would rather you post the hands to one of the hands threads so we can all see it. I don’t have all the answers, it would be better for you and more benefit to the community at large if you posted them in the forum.

As far as reporting players for their betting… I would suggest you don’t. The software works, why pested support with non-issue issues?

I would also suggest you stop being critical of the other players at your table. This is clearly against the site’s terms of use and will eventually get you muted or banned.

I have tried to help you, others have too. I don’t know what else to say.

Show us the rule?

In a previous post I gave an example of how the math behind pot raising works and I would like to show how a small change in 1 players bet can have a huge effect the further we go into the game.

This time I will also begin at the flop with 200 already in the pot and the dealer deals out 3 cards.
Player A wants to pot raise.
Player A bet is 200. As there is no previous bet to call the maximum raise is 200.
Player B wants to pot raise.
Player B’s bet is 800. The first 200 is to call A’s 200 bet and is added to the pot before B’s raise is calculated. Raise is calculated as pre-flop 200 +A’s 200 +B’s call for a total of 600. Combine this 600 with the 200 to call A’s bet for a total of 800 which is B’s pot raise
Player C wants to raise pot.
Player C’s bet is 2800. The first 800 is to call B’s 800 and is added to the pot before C’s raise is calculated.Raise is calculated as pre-flop 200 + A’s 200 bet +B’s 800 + C’s 800 call for a total of 2000. combine this with the 800 call portion for a pot raise bet of 2800.
If You look at both scenarios You will notice that the only change I made was to the size of A’s bet. A’s bet increased by 100 which enabled C to increase their bet by 1000
If we add player D option to pot raise in both instances we have 6700 v 10400 and we are still on the flop and not even half way around a full ring yet

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Another great, and on point explanation. Too bad you are preaching to the choir. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Tilting at windmills”?

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Hi everyone,

We’re happy people feel welcome bringing up concerns in the forums and fortunate to have so many of you willing to help discuss and explain different rules. For the most part this has been instructive, but please remember to keep your comments courteous towards each other while bringing up issues or trying to explain your position.



Pot Limit (PL)

Many Omaha games are Pot Limit, which raises the tempo from FL games and allows players to make big bets on later streets while restricting early betting.

In a Replay Poker PL Omaha 10/20 game (also known as PLO), the small blind is 10 chips and big blind is 20 chips. Any player wishing to open the betting may bet any amount between the big blind and the pot size. Once a player has bet, another player may raise up to the total amount already in the pot, plus the amount they need to call.

For example: If the pot is 130 at PL 10/20, Player A may bet between 20 and 130. If Player A bets 90, and Player B wishes to raise, their bet must be to at least 180 up to the total of 130+90+90, which is attributed to the pot before they raise, therefore they may bet any amount between 180 and 310.

That is directly from the HelpCenter Rules on what PL is defined as.

@Rob777 , As CD and I came to your table live and tried to explain/help, and SPG and feelmysins have detailed hands you were in showing how it works… we all tried to help you. As I originally attempted to say, this is a simple misunderstanding on Your part. Why can you not just say… ohh I see now, (facepalm) thanks for setting me straight… rather than continue’n to cling to a definition of PL that doesn’t exsist.

I hate how the “lo” in “hilo” is calculated, but I have learned how the “lo” is calculated and now I can play without any unrealistic expectations…

@Pageaux , Since 4 of us have tried to no avail, can you please have a staff member, as zmansuncle said, just post and let Rob know he’s wrong and we’re right ?? I have been cordial, polite, informative, and even tried in realtime to talk to Rob, and it still isn’t helping…



You are always so nice! They should also lift your chat restrictions. You are a valuable asset to the community.

Why put that up again? I told you I know what the rules say and I know how much can be bet. If the pot is 200, next guy can bet 400.,. that is the maximum raise. 401 is against the rules. I do know that. Do you?

Thanks for everyone’s follow-ups. We’ve been in touch with Rob777 as well to explain PL, and thought that perhaps hearing it from peers may offer an explanation in a different way that might help clear things up. Since it looks like that hasn’t worked, and things are getting a little derailed now, I’m going to close the topic. I appreciate everyone who tried to help clear up the confusion about this game type.