I am tired of something

A lot of people break the rules. 1 rule is no betting more than the pot. I mean no raising more than the pot. Most of us obey the rules. Those that do not should be penalized.

there is no betting/raising rules.

He is referring to PL games where RP doesn’t restrict the size of the betting limit to his liking.

still everyone is playing by those rules. he needs find a table where they just check check check check check. good luck wit that. better just take up checkers.

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Im not sure what other thread it was explained in but …
When a PL (pot limit) is max bet, you’d be surprised what exactly
is that max bet. Example 3 ppl limp 50 +bb +sb, so you’d think that
pot is 225 for the following person to bet, but its not that simple.

I think this is why you believe that ppl are breaking the rules, yet
infact the software does calc. the correct “pot bet” even tho you’d
think sometimes its wrong. Also ML is PL preflop but NL postflop,
maybee u confuzed those.

So there’s :
NL- No Limit, PL- Pot Limit, ML- Mixed Limit, and FL- Fixed Limit.
Make sure you’re playing the format you want, Rob.



Hi Rob777,
I hope I can help explain how the math behind calculating how the pot bet sizing works. Pot raising allows players to ‘raise’ by the size of the pot. It is important to know that you are raising by the size of the pot, but before you can raise you must call any bet you face. By raising pot, You are calling any previous bet, Plus, You are raising by the total amount in the pot after your call.
A pot size raise is the total of all the bets so far plus Your call.
To calculate a pot size raise you include what it would cost to ‘call’ the bet before before you calculate the ‘raise’ part of the bet.
For example.
lets assume there is 200 chips in the pot before the flop and the dealer deals out 3 cards.
Player A bets 100 chips
Player B wants to ‘raise pot’
Player B’s bet is 500. First they must call Player A’s 100 which makes the pot 400 (200 pre-flop & A’s 100 & their own 100 call). Now comes the ‘raise’ part which is 400 making the total 500.
Player C wants to ‘raise pot’
Player C’s bet. 1800. First they call B’s 500. Then raise by the total in the pot. Pre flop 200+ A’s bet of 100 +B’s 500 + their 500 call.
Hope this helps explain it and please bang me a friend request if you are still unsure and I will do my best to help.


IF a pot is 150 and a player raises to 500, that is against the rules of pl… So many do it.

I am tired of people who don’t understand the rules of the games they play and then chastise and berate those who do. I will not change my play because of another player’s stubborn ignorance. In fact, that is what poker is all about, exploiting someone else’s ignorance (lack of knowledge) and often their unwillingness (or inability) to change gears when appropriate.

I don’t think anyone ever does this. The software won’t allow it. Please provide a link to a hand where this happens in a pot limit game.

yes ,it is done every time but 1 in the 4pm Pacific time pl omaha hi lo. I have put a friend request to you. If you accept , I will send you the hand numbers.

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OK, I accepted your request. Send the hand numbers and I’ll post some here so we can figure out what’s going on. Thanks.

No Rob you are incorrect … please re-read @feelmysins 's post… because you do not understand the math of it… and sometimes you’d actually think you should be able to bet more…trust me the software does correctly limit a PL bet to the right amount.



Well Sassy, I offered, but it seems that Rob777 doesn’t want to understand why he is mistaken. Thank you for attempting to show him and provide real time examples. Alas, some refuse to admit that they are wrong! So much for trying to help. Doubt I’ll make that effort again. It’s wasted time and energy when they refuse to take off their blinders to see the full picture.

Rob777, if the Replay software allowed for inappropriate wagers, do you not think it would have been addressed long before now? Perhaps you think it is a massive conspiracy against you and all the staff, volunteers, and the 1.5 million other players are in on it. Either way, I wish you no ill. Good luck on Replay and in all areas as well.


OK, I think I see the problem. In this hand, the pot was 240 at the flop. A player bet 20, making the pot 260.

The next player “bets” the pot, which is actually a raise. In order to raise, you must first match the original bet, so this 20 goes into the pot, making the pot 280. His pot size raise will then be 280 plus the original bet of 20, so he puts in 300 total.

This is why it looks like he is over-betting the pot, but it’s the way its supposed to work.

I know, it can be confusing, but this only happens when there is a bet and at least 1 raise. Note that the turn bet was exactly the pot, which you would expect. Raises, on the other hand, can seem to be over-bets because they have to first match the original bet, which is added in before they compute the pot to make the pot-sized raise.


NO IF THE POT IS 280 he can bet 560 … That is what pot limit means, 600 would be breaking the rules.

Sorry, I know what I am doing. I know if a pot is 100 the next guy to bet can put in 200 and no more.The software does not prevent over betting. I must know better than you!!!

Well Rob, here is a quote from another poker rules site explaining how pot limit betting works. Perhaps you should take a moment and read it carefully. You know, since you know so much better than anyone else:

Two Examples:

You're first to act on the flop with a pot of $15. You have the option to check or bet. You can bet anywhere from as little as the amount of the big blind, to the full amount of the pot ($15). Any bet in between is a "legal bet."
You're second to act on the flop with a pot of $15. The first player bets $10. You now have the option to fold, call ($10) or raise.
    Your minimum raise is equal to the amount of the previous bet. In this hand your minimum raise is $10 ($10 + $10 for a total bet of $20).
    Your maximum raise is the amount of the pot. To do this, add up the pot + the bet + your call ($15 + $10 + $10 = $35). You are allowed to bet that total amount in addition to your call, **meaning your total bet is $45 ($10 for the call + $35 for the size of the pot).**
    You can raise any amount in between the minimum and maximum raise amounts.

Wow, isn’t actually reading the rules better than just ASSUMING you know it all.

SunPowerGuru’s previous explanation is very accurate as well.

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“I will not change my play because of another player’s stubborn ignorance.” Apparently I need to add another adjective - Arrogance.


I do not assume. I know the rules and my math is correct. If the pot is 100 next to bet may raise 100 with a bet of 200. Anything more than 200 is breaking the rules…Do you not understand that???

Those that break the rules are the ignorant ones. Most of us play by the rules. If you intentionally over bet, you are wrong. Some do it by mistake, and when told pl they say sorry, first time in t his game, I did not know it, thank you they say for the information./…