I am the best player on here!

Narcissism is a mental defect, and the cure is always painful


If Replay changed the rules and we were allowed to sell chips to other members, would you sell some chips to a newbie? If so, what price would you accept for say, 100 million chips?

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For holdem advice I am never wrong ! I always say “Ask somebody else”.


Gotta maintain a safe zone for the crybabies…



OK, since no one else seems to be biting, I’ll take the bait and start asking questions. Here’s a situation that probably many people here face at least somewhat frequently.

@Ilovecat, say you are playing full-ring, effective stacks of 100BB. You are in the SB with a solid pair (say TT or JJ). UTG limped in and 4 others, including the button limped behind. Lets add in that you have played at this table long enough to know that UTG’s open limping range can be anything from mid suited connectors to AQs and all pairs 22-JJ. The only open raises you’ve seen from EP have been QQ+, AK. You have seen limps behind with similar ranges. Furthermore, you have tried to squeeze before from the SB and have been called by multiple players, even when you have sized up to 4BB + 1BB per limp. On the other hand, you have yet to see a limp/raise from anyone. What’s your play?

I look forward to your response. If you want to take it a step farther and give some thoughts on post-flop strategy if you are faced with multiple callers pre, that would be great too.

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TT or JJ I am going to 3X the BB to keep the money on the table and see if it gets a raise that indicates a bigger pair.

If no raise and I get some takers if the flop is lower than my pair and not a flush set up I would 2x or 3x the pot or maybe even all in depending on how many are on the flop and if they are fish or advanced players and size of their stacks. I am looking for vulnerable players that will fold not call.

If I get a raise pre-flop I would likely call and see the cards and their reaction on flop to see if they hit and depending on that I would do the same thing above for a no hit or play it tight call to see if I can improve my hand on the turn and river.

This all depends on my read of the players, my stack risk and how much I had to drink of course lol!

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i think u r right on any given day or hand or game we all are the best at some point in poker consistance is the key,

all these people got too much time on their hands!!

Hello dear warlock, I am sorry it took so long for me to reply to your post.

when you say full ring do you man 9 people or 6 people? or 4? everything change depending on the table size. In a 9 ring game you should only raise in position with very good hand or suited connector. Depending on the player limping could be a standard trap, or they have something suited such as 56 78. Ok lets examine your scenerio

Ok, here you have a clear just call and do not raise in a 9 people table. Here is why, if you raise you are only getting reraised by hands that either you are flipping with ak or beaten qq kk, aa. Hence not good. Also if you opponent is really good then you basically declared to him I have a big pocket pair and in poker you dont want your opponent to know what you have and a good poker player will read you right away for big pocket pair!

By just calling you disguise your hand and now he does not know what you have. the flop and turn you are looking for a j, if you hit a j then its time to move all in and double up!

good luck on the tables!

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May I say that this is one of the best poker analyses I’ve read here on the Forum? :slight_smile:
Not only for its contents, which might be disputable, as always, but for its clarity, its linearity and the simplicity of its style.
In my opinion, all too often people here tend to embellish their ideas with lots of technical terms and abbreviations, as if they were afraid not to be taken seriously otherwise, or as if such a highbrow language could make their analyses more valid. Is it really appropriate on a public Forum?
Experts of all fields would use a different vocabulary when they talk with colleagues than the one they would employ, for example, for a lecture or a publication addressed to a broader audience. Why should not be the same here? All readers are interested in poker, but perhaps not all are (yet) great experts.

Hello @Ilovecat - welcome back and thanks for the reply. Full-ring is a 9-player table. Sorry for any ambiguity on that. So, you would suggest limping behind with hands as strong as TT and JJ and playing them for set value? That seems weak vs opponents who have very wide and capped limping ranges. Of course you can look at hands that people have showed down with to see exactly how wide their limping ranges are. If someone is limping a super-strong range, then raising would be problematic. If however they are raising a typical 40% capped range, then I would think you’d want to attack that range.

Additionally, I think its safe to assume you aren’t against very good poker players if you find yourself in this situation. When you are on a table of persistent limpers, all taking the passive line, this is a pretty good clue that you are not against skilled players.

Even if you did have 1 or 2 decent players at the table I don’t think you give away such a narrow range of hands by raising in this spot - unless you are only going to raise big pairs. If you have a somewhat balanced squeezing range, your hand would still be disguised. You can still have a good sized range when you are attacking ranges as wide as people limp with. If you wanted to be on the tight side, you could still attack a 40% range with an 8-12% range very profitably. There’s a lot of hands in an 8-12% range to work with.

Thanks again for the response and good luck on the tables.

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This thread would be incomplete if I did not mention that I like pugs.

I like pugs.


it is very frustrating being a teacher, people are just not smart enough! oh well!

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you are very smart, I was ranked number 1 in pokerstar, i would use verbal abuse and my poker skill to crash all comers. it is already sad that they cant match my poker skill, but if you add my verbal abuse they start tilting fast, so easy! made so much money during those things. But you also learn a lot about people, for example verbal abuse does not work against 50% of the population. Can you guess who those 50% are and why?

haha! you are funny! animal abuser!

ok, lets first talk about what is gto. GTO = game theory optimized poker. Basically you are playing a set of strategy that if played correctly you will never lose in the long run. Old school poker or poker psychology is about playing the person with maximum exploitative strategy!

GTO hence works because against logical and good thinking and very skilled players.
However, against the super calling station and super folding station that you typically see in the lower limits, you best stick to OLD SCHOOL poker.

Ok, I already give you the secret. HOPE YOU CAN FIGURE OUT THE REST!

good luck on the tables!

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sorry, but what is rpos?