I am now out of the touney in 19th place, I was never able to get to a table to play. This is not the way to keep players

I am at this time registered in Lunar storm, I have yet to get to a table, my chips are down to 1000, the least you could do is give me back my 10,000 buy-in. This really crappy. I have tried to redo sign in of play now, double clicked on my name, I have yet to surpass 67% download. Along with the other problems you guys have, I wonder how long people will put up with this!

Still happening to me,too

Sorry for the delay in replying russjennings, we got really behind over the holidays and with more players than ever playing it’s been really hard to catch up. So I’ve refunded your buy-in, it’s probably not worth investigating if the issues was your side or our side. If it happens again though do report it and we’ll try and help you in a more timely fashion.

? lol I’ve been reporting it for the last two months I can’t even get a reply