Hurricaine Irma

I am a daily player who was collecting 2500 chips each day for logging in and playing. The hurricane sent me back to only 500 and it will soon be back to par. We had no power from Saturday to Thursday am and no internet until Friday evening a week later. No major trees in our yard fell and we now have a small leak over the garage where ceiling material drops. We’ve already got fresh food and tossed a minimum amount and washed all clothes and dishes. I spent the week playing candlelight cards with a real deck with family. Now we play the same games with power. Everything is back to normal.

How have other poker players who are in the Florida area managed this past week. Any damage? any stories of real struggle, from people willing to share.

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Just spent seven days without any electric power, partial roof and soaked carpets. Can’t take Irma anymore.

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I live in North Florida we were without power for 9 days but thank god no damage just lost a few magnolia trees ,Glad you did’nt have it worse


We live in South Florida, we were without power for 7 days, but we feel we are blessed especially after seeing the folks in Houston and Pureto Rico.

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