Huge Stakes

Why suddenly are all the games being played for such high stakes?

Is it possible you have a filter on? Just under the tabs that say “RING GAMES,” “SIT & GO TOURNAMENTS,” and “MULTI-TABLE TOURNAMENTS” are three filters for “Game Types,” “Betting Limits,” and “Buy-In.” Click the buy-in filter and either clear the existing filter or select the stakes for which you want to play.

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Tried that, it didn’t make any difference. There used to be $100-$400 tables, now everything is 200,000-500,000. It’s crazy.

If your filters are set like this, you should be able to see the Buy-in Range: 100 - 400

(this is just an example, if you scroll down the list you will see a few of tables with this buy in)
PS. this is for Ring Tables
Hope this helps.


Thank you Tiandra. I changed everything according to your example but I can’t change the buy-in rate, it’s fixed at 800-2400. Meanwhile I’m still getting tables with astronomical rates.

The filters only cover … game type, betting limits, Stakes … not buyin.

Take Hagia Sophia 20k/40 blinds… the buyin is 2m - 6m, not 1 person here on Replay can change the buyin of Hagia Sophia to something other than 2m - 6m.

@Iblues , are you telling us , for you, “Plain Sailing” ring table has a buyin of 800-2400 on your screen ???

in the Ring Tables Lobby, you can chg… game type, betting limits, stakes, hide empty, hide full, favs only… AND you can order these acending/decending on … table, game, plrs, stakes, ave pot, ave stk, H/hr and maybee friends… Nowhere on Replay can any of us change the buyin for a specific table, other than STAFF.

Is it possible for you re-ask your question and be more specific ?

Yes, 800-2400. But all the tables have the same astronomical stakes and buy-ins.

On the lobby page where all the games are listed you will see…
Table Game players Stakes
Beside Stakes is a little triangle which changes whether the games are listed from lowest to highest buy-in or from highest to lowest.
Single click on the triangle will reverse the listing order of the buy-in.

Thanks everyone, I sorted it out with your help.