HTML5 Table Feedback

you’re quite welcome my friend :slightly_smiling_face:

Still looking for the new version, and the test tables… Feel like I am being left out. Got the tables to look for but no can find …. have on going emails to help me find something to get me started, I am a html5 beta tester . Making me feel really slow…

Gala, you look like you know where to find the tables etc. Can you direct me or get me started. I am a Beta tester and have no idea where this new version test site is, Thanks for any help…DonoHawk

Hi @DonoHawk,

If your a beta tester you should be able to access the tables from the lobby. For example the tables will appear as “[New Server] Test Table”… If you don’t see this in the lobby make sure your lobby is set under ring games and clear your lobby filters. If the problem priests please email as they will be able to help you.


Because My PC is sick, I didnt apply to be a beta tester. ( on a tablet )
Was just watching 1 of the tables, and its far from the screenies
others have posted so far. Im on mobile, and somewhere I saw
that replay was concentrating on PC users 1st. Even tho I have
“request desktop site” checked off, I really hope mobile users
don’t get hung out to dry, because some issues prolly with mobile
that get address’d way down the road might be impossible in
the structure for PCs thats ironed out now… Or will Replay have
basically 2 sites… 1 for mobile, 1 for PC ???

Because recently I encountered a wierd varient, with my mobile OS…
Im curious, there are more different mobile OS’s than there are
different browsers themselves… wouldnt it help now to also have
some deticated mobile testers???


O.K. thanks, they were as you suggested under the 1/2 chip tables.

We’ll be adding the next wave of beta testers in the next week or two, so please fill out the form if you’re interested in providing feedback!

Please note that there has been a slight change to the guide. The “Feedback” button is now in the upper right to make room for the volume slider:


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Just putting on my computer technician hat and adding my 2¢ to this point. There is usually an “fn” button or something that acts like the “shift” key which will bypass the special commands applied to those keys. Further, your keyboard software may allow you to toggle the F-keys back to normal operation requiring the “fn” key to utilize the special commands.

Or if you’re really unlucky like me, on my netbook, I had to change a BIOS setting. Not particularly hard if you know what you’re doing. Get your computer guru (or a grandkid) to help you with that one if you don’t want to mess with it.

Anyway, back on topic. In regards to the new look for the tables: I like the new player icons quite a bit. But yeah, that solid color with a thin border needs to change. A dark background with a border around the table and borders around the player icons would look really sharp… a lot like some other poker sites.

But hey, get the back end & UI working solidly first, then go after the eye candy. Nice to see html5 progressing, keep up the good work Replay.

So am I correct, non testers can see tables but not interect with the table including chat as a visitor ?? Can they also not click feedback buttons ??? Or is it cause I’m on a tablet using Puffin ??? Just as a visitor I’m noticing quirks, but I have been a paid Beta-tester in real life. I would like to contribute, as I am so bored on replay, but seems its just the kewl kids ??

While having testers on all platforms sounds awesome to me, having testers that can replicate the same actions on mult formats, OSs, and browsers seems like the HolyGrail of beta testing… is replay actively searching such players out ??

Hi Sassy yes Spectators can watch but can’t chat also you would be unable to use the Feedback button.

Sassy go here if you would like to be a tester

Yes!! Chips!

We’ve added a new group of beta testers to the tables. Thanks to everyone for your help! Release notes and another announcements will continue to be posted in our Beta Client News thread.

Hey all, please use the feedback if you too would like to see an option to see the player only chat AND the dealer chat in separate boxes so wee don’t need to keep switching from players only to all to see what the winning hands were…thanks!


Done… great idea !

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So, today was my first chance to check it out

Win 7
Waterfox Browser
(Both up to date)

I watched this for 12 minutes before I literally got a headache and gave up.

beta.pdf (500.8 KB)

I saw others seated.

Unable to view anything.

refreshes over and over and over and over and over and over.

I guess I am not a good tester.

If you haven’t applied to be a Beta tester, it will come up blank. There is a link here in the forum, to join.
Hope this helps

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Did it.

Maybe I didn’t explain fully, sorry 'bout that.

Yes, I was accepted as a beta tester & invited to play.

I play on my ipad daily