HTML5 Table Feedback

Yes, it happens on the Flash tables too, but on Flash you only notice this watching the lobby, the number of players remaining on the table stats never goes lower than the actual number remaining in the game. The new tables say will say there are 25 left when 5 people are moving. Once they are reseated the number goes back up to 30. The actual number remaining always seems to be right in the lobby, but look for the number, not at the list :slight_smile:


Got it! My example didn’t pertain. I’ll watch for this phenom on the new format.

We just tested this out, and here’s what we think is happening:

Our tournament information refreshes much faster than it used to, and it appears that a side effect of this is that players who aren’t seated are not being counted.

The example we just found is a tournament that was in late registration said 27/30 when only one player was knocked out. It quickly updated to 30/31. The extra players weren’t seated yet, so they weren’t counted.

As @Alan25main guessed, it seems like this is likely to happen in a rebalance as well – if there are 18 people on three tables, five players could be mid-move and the info might say 13 momentarily. This would occur if it refreshes during that period between the one table ending and the players getting moved, which is less than a second – but does sound like it’s been happening, from your reports.

We’ll be reporting this issue to tech. Thank you for bringing it to our attention!


Here’s something I’ve been noticing lately, in regards to table balancing. Let’s say it’s a 9-seater - when a player busts in 19th place (or 10th or 28th) instead of that table immediately breaking and filling up the other tables, another hand is always played, then the table breaks. Shouldn’t the table break right away? Having to play another hand when that table has fewer players than the other tables seems unfair.

Thanks for your attention.


Signed up for a game, tournament ID 3661968, waited about five minutes for my table to fill, as soon as table fills I attempt to join, but the page fails to load. It just keeps loading and loading, and it doesn’t ever finish. I never got to seat, and never got to play a hand.

Site seems to be having issues, I can’t open any table, all of them are doing this as of about 10-15 minutes ago.

I was finally able to join the game I couldn’t get into, found myself seated with J7o and 315 of my starting stack left, shoved it, V called with 88 and won.

Then I started another game, was able to get seated for it, midway through the second hand I’m sitting on QQ, on the Turn, building a nice big pot and go to bet and the bet never goes through, I get disconnected from the table, and can’t reconnect.

That’s 2 100k buy-ins lost to the site connection failing.

My Wife had problems staying connected over and over in 2 -100K games back to back and lost easily… Other players said they also can’t stay in game long enough to get a hand thru. Rest of day fine. Reported and Said it must be Our computer with the issue… ? …

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All those having this problem can try Microsoft’s Edge browser, it has less problem. Surprisingly, Opera, which is not so popular a browser, has much less problem. Works fine in Chrome book too,

Played a couple tournaments today that I don’t normally play. Went to look up when we were getting a break and noticed that information is no longer available anywhere.

Still wish I could play an omaha tournament. During the omaha ring game promotion, I discovered I could play omaha for 30 minutes, break for 20 minutes and avoid a headache, if I darkened the screen enough that I couldn’t use my computer for anything else. This will not work for tournaments, lol. The old blue tables were perfect. Is a color change coming at some point or do I need to find a casino or another site to play omaha?



I don’t play MTT but I know other, better/good poker sites offer all breaks at the same time. So they all start on the hour & break near the end of the hour etc. Simple & easy. I don’t play or care about MTT but its great a site will improve a MTT players experience IMO.

This means you can play many/multiple MTT and take a break very predictably etc. Great idea that was implemented by good poker sites focused on tournaments.

Other sites better for ring play didn’t implement this feature.

Interesting IMO but more importantly getting back to @bahia7 point why did RP change it at all? The colour? Things have been changed that IMO should not be. There are stupid threads created by RP about your poker animal or worst donkey celebrities for fun that accomplish nothing?

Why not create a separate thread for voting etc on important issues. I’ve participated in stupid RP threads for Donkey poo & giggles. It means nothing & is meaningless, but yeah its fun.

Im not “friends” with @bahia7 nor do I like omaha but I do want RP to be the Best It Can for everybody. If we can make an improvement why not? Again I don’t “care” about omaha or bahia7 or table colours but I’m interested in opinions & ideas to possibly improve RP. Also I find it disappointing & sad that players continuously voice their opinions of disappointment with no apparent “care” or solution from RP.

The number of players on RP Vs the players that actually comment I’m sure is significantly different. IMO this means if RP players make the effort to comment on these worthless FORUMs it should at least be worth something lightly less. That was a terrible argument. If players waste their time commenting in the FORUMs they have had an effort that the majority of players never will.

Even if we cant make an improvement can we get a response.

RP has been much better at giving feedback & responses recently I’ll happily admit. It has actually been a pleasant surprise IMO. Honestly its great to see RP participate in this space. RP can still do better though.

There are a lot of things that still need fixing. Maybe a separate thread specifically for omaha or even preferences etc. I honestly don’t give a hoot what colour the tables are but I do want RP to Be The Best it can possible be. RP is far from that.

I find it sad players threaten to leave RP & eventually do bc things dont ito mprove. I want everyone to be happy even if im not interested omaha happiness. I don’t care about omaha but I DO want RP to be the best it can, & it can be much better.

I have been more focused on RP getting functioning tables for the masses, so I have put my needs on the back table. Why should they change everything for me? I have light sensitive epilepsy, so I am used to my needs being ignored. Headaches are a warning for me, and anything that tends to cause them, is something to be avoided. Unfortunately, that means I avoid anything but hold’em these days.


I empathise Bahia, I too cannot play a full Omaha tournament, do you also have a problem with the flashing sit-out feature, which seems surplus to me?


Is there a time table established when we can see corrections made to these tables for:

  • Not all MTT tables are the same size and many do not have the stats visible on the right hand side of the table
  • It is frustrating when your in a hand and you get shuffled to another table not knowing if you’ve won because you don’t get to see the final cards
  • The table still looks like a chalk line on the ground…
  • Getting folded from a hand by delays in the system…

Things are way better than they were before though and I appreciate you guys for the job being done…hopefully these issues are resolved soon

Thanks and good luck

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Actually, that doesn’t bother me, though I too see no need for it :slight_smile:

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To be completely transparent, there will rarely, if ever, be times when I can give a firm timetable about anything we’re releasing. Things can take longer to fix than anticipated, or a priority may come up that shifts things around.

What I can tell you is that the most recent items brought up, such as being spirited away to a new table before seeing the outcome of your hand, or anything related to table appearance, are on our list of items to address. Some things may take some time, but they haven’t been dropped.

Getting folded is related to performance issues, which has been our primary focus for some time. We’ve seen a significant improvement here, both through our collected data and fewer support tickets. We’re continuing work here, but it’s also a good idea to try a few things on your end if things are running sluggishly, like closing the lobby, resetting a router, or an old-fashioned restart.

Regarding the break timer, that’s currently in the works to be re-added.

The final tables we need to convert are our rebuy tables. We’re in the process of ensuring these work correctly before rolling them out. Once that’s done, there will be quite a few things we can move forward with!


Never had this problem before but i can’t see chat bar unless i play full size table also can barely see the bet boxes

Hope You get the resizing fixed where Multi tabling gives the chat box Zero to minimal growth.

I don’t know how to fix this…any ideas

I too notice no place to type chat several times last few days with slow ups & and Speed ups added for interest.

I have to reformat my table each time to get a chat box to show. I’m used to it now.