HTML5 Open Beta Launch

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that our first HTML5 tables are going live to all players tomorrow, November 21st!

We’re beginning with our NL Hold’em 1 / 2 stakes, where players can familiarize themselves with these new tables before they go live everywhere.

You’ll find these open beta tables in our Lobby. Flash tables will run side-by-side with the new HTML5 tables for a brief period, then HTML5 will replace them.

We hope that we’ll get more widespread feedback with this initial push, and will encourage all players to use the “Feedback” button to let us know what they like, don’t like, or to report a bug. You may also post general feedback in our ongoing thread here, but the “Feedback” button is the best way to ensure your thoughts are read by our developers.

For more information on our HTML5 tables and what to expect, please read our Help Center article here.

Please be aware that our new tables will NOT support Internet Explorer. If you use Internet Explorer, you must choose a new browser, such as Edge, Firefox, or Chrome. We have a Help Center article on how to upgrade to Microsoft Edge, as IE users may already have it on their computer and can easily import all their settings.

Because our closed beta is coming to an end, there will no longer be a 20k credit for playing 50 hands. Thanks so much to those of you who signed up for our closed beta and helped us get to this milestone!

Please note: We may need to make adjustments along the way, so dates and table releases may change. I will update if there are any major changes.