HTML5 concern

So, this afternoon, I saw someone on my friend list at a test table - thought I would take a look. I got a “Loading …” screen that became frozen. I also tried looking at a replay hand in their history, same thing. I could hear the sounds of the hand, I believe, but not visuals. I’m on an older machine, an older version of Chrome that I can’t update. Is there an extension I need to download or should the HTML5 kick in automatically? I wonder if other players with older machines might also have this issue or concerns. I’m starting to worry that I won’t be able to play here once the update goes site-wide. I know it’s still early days, just thought I would put this out there.

It does not have anything to do with the age of the machine, but more to do with the browser & updateability of it, Windows 7 for instant does not handle it well since they are stopping the upgrades, but edge seems ok at the moment, Where as the opera browser & many other chrome based browsers seem to be no trouble in that area.
HTML5 is just where the world wide web is going to, and machine age is not a factor, Only what interface and connection (like browsers) you are using seem to matter. Hope I have helped.

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Thanks JL - I appreciate the input.

I went to this place - - and I scored 489 out of 555, so I have some functionality, at least.

I suppose the question for Replay - is backward compatibility something that’s still being worked on? Or will Replay simply require a modern browser. I would upgrade Chrome if I could, but my OS is no longer supported. If i remember right, it won’t even let me try to update.

Anyway, might be my days are numbered here. (crosses fingers) (knock on wood) (salt over the shoulder) (turns around three times and spits)

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Opera is a free browser download & works ok with replay, And an other browser that works ok is “Top Browser” it is a privacy browser that is free & keeps 95% of your information hidden, I have those 2 & IE 11 on my computer now, and the things IE won’t let me do The other 2 will, I am still new to Top Browser and can not give thumbs up or down yet, but it seems to do what it says it will so far… Opera is a fine browser just takes a little getting use to is all… Good luck hun.

P.S. your test site gave me a 302 out of 555 on IE, a 481 out of 555 on Opera & 395 out of 555 on Top Browser
The impressive part of the Top browser’s rating was 0 of 20 for location & orientation where the other 2 were 15 of 20

Also Juicee,
The browser can be OS ( oper syst ) dependant, so to upgrade the browser you have to upgrade the OS, leading to upgrade the puter. This is the exact reason most poker sites require a download. Apps, or what they really are… programs, don’t have the constraints of browsers, only OSs

This 1 reason why almost ANY browser can google something ( backward compatable ) yet the sites they link to aren’t… so what good really is that compatability, when you cannot use it.

I always liked Replay cause there was no DL, and virtually no adds, and worked with older machines. I do think mobile testers are need’d now, and from a variety of itterations of both android and apple mobile OSs. It will be 10x harder to adjust later on, than if both PC and moblie are simultaniously developed now.

@Matchstk , did you do that flash thingy I saw in another thread for Chrome ? or is your version even not upgradeable in that way ??

Will Replay put out a specs page, with all Approved Browsers/versions… before… a hard switch away from flash occurs ??

Replay also had the tables blocked for testing period…you should be able to get on them, when
approved or this version is final

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