HTML5 Beta Tester Guide & Feedback

Edge still exists, but it’s a Chromium-based browser now. It should work just fine, and it’s a good option for former IE users, as you can import your settings and favorites:


I stand corrected :slightly_smiling_face:


It seems like the MTT beta game is functioning fine. That’s the most important part of course. I am hoping that the playability issues will be addressed once the engine is running smoothly. The information is hard to see and the overall layout strains the eyes. I don’t know how software development typically goes or how difficult these changes will be to make. If the past is any indicator of the future, I am confident that Replay Poker will address the concerns of its users and create an appealing and stable environment in short order.


I like the old tables 10 times better than the “new look”. During the beta I was able to find the old style but now thay are all the new style. It is not the same experience. Cards are smaller and harder to read, The old format was straightforward and easy to keep track of what was going on.


Oh well, so it goes. It’s been fun while it lasted for me.

Playing more online poker here would’ve been a nice diversion right now if the UI was still tolerable to interact with.

Seems like it would’ve made more sense to make the new HTML5 tables look and function identical to the prior layout and then gradually tweak the appearance and add/change functions after that.


I’m having a hard time with the new tables. The problem is it takes longer to see other players actions because the cards and chips are smaller I make lots of mistakes that i would not on the other tables with the time that is allotted. The stats that I need to see all the time is now where I have to click between chat and stats makes it hard to concentrate on playing. Thank you Mark


The new tables don’t always accurately record the winning hand. For example, hand #587142556 is listed as “Winning hand: Full House, Sixes over Sevens” in the description. It is actually 7’s full of 6’s.

These “New Coke” Tables have alot of problems … but I just watched that hand and it it correctly shown in chat as Full House 7s full of 6s

Dealer: ** Hand [ 587142556 ] started **

Dealer: Dealt to board: [ 7d 6d 7s ]

Dealer: Dealt to board: [ 9h ]

Dealer: snakes7676 shows [ 7h 6s ] Full House, Sevens full of Sixes

Dealer: rvpoppop shows [ 5h 8d ] Straight, Five to Nine

Dealer: Dealt to board: [ Ah ]

Dealer: Showdown: Main pot, 967,000 chips

Dealer: snakes7676 wins 967,000 chips with: Full House, Sevens full of Sixes

But IMHO they still aren’t A LOT of players mug of beer

In the chat yes, in the description of the hand in the replay, no
I pulled the quote directly from the replay page

What is Replay page ???

Go to the hand and the page that come up to replay it. Look at the bottom where it tells you the chips won and the hand strength


Good eye comic. I have a hard enough time playing the new tables for long, probably won’t be replaying them anytime soon, lol. I tend to get a headache by the time I’ve hit 30 minutes. If I turn off the sound and never look at the chat box, I can play for an hour, maybe longer, but got bored and left after an hour. Since I am a social player, and like to chat, I keep trying different things to find a way to play on these new tables.


I went to snakes7676 profile and looked at his recent hands. page 15, hand 147 it says Full House, Sixes over Sevens.

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Played 1 more beta MTT:

  1. The game seemed to struggle seating players at the start. The signal that the game was starting happened 3 hands into the game.
  2. The color scheme is a real strain on my eyes. I spend hours a day in front of multiple monitors and don’t have the same strain as I have with 30 minutes playing the new tables. Something about them is very hard on the eyes.
  3. Table rebalancing happened seamlessly this time and that’s good to see
  4. The chat box is very hard to read
  5. The bet sizes are very hard to read - probably a function of the background colors
  6. The screen for the table is hard to resize without cropping parts off. The old tables were very easy to resize but the new ones aren’t.

Also, I’ve heard from others that the new tables don’t load properly on older laptops/PC’s. They work on mine but this is concerning to me. I’d hate to see long time users of this site be excluded from the HTML games for whatever reason.


I too noticed the electric green Hold’em tables tire the eyes out much faster than the Omaha etc…

What I did is get a cheap pair of blue blocker glasses and that seems to help.


wow–GREAT idea. I will borrow my husband’s and give that a try.

I notice things that just don’t seem right. Here’s another example, taken from the bottom of the Dashboard page:

  • [ Players Online: 2615 ]
  • [ Seated: 2858 ]
  • [ Moderators: 3 ]

How exactly are there more players seated than online?


I wondered the exact same thing, Comic

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