How you would you play this hand differently?

Hero: Td9s
Preflop: One limper and Hero raises to 4bb. SB 3bets to 14.5bb. Hero calls.

Reason: Sb has been 3 betting quite a bit and I suspect that he would 3bet with hands like A9+, mid-high pocket pairs. He would bet only for value. T9 is good for getting straights and I suspect that I have great implied odds to call. On the flops that I miss, I can be aggressive and barrel multiple streets with semi-bluffs.

Flop: 6d Kd 7h (Pot 31bb)
Villain bets 17bb. Hero reraises 49.5bb

Reason: Villain has been cbeting his 3bets quite a bit and could easily have cards like AJ or AT. There is only one high card so I decide to reraise to get him off his hand.

Turn: 9d (Pot 130bb)
Villain checks. Hero bets 65bb. Villain calls.

Reason: Since villain called on the flop, he definitely has a strong made hand like AK or KQ or AA or KK. There is not much of a chance that he has a diamond in his hand as the Kd on the flop blocks most of his diamond draws. I could very well have a flush on this turn by the way I bet. Also, I’ve picked up a straight and flush draw. With so many outs, I could use this as a bluff to balance my range, hoping that Villain would fold AK, KQ, AA to a river jam. However, a smaller bet sizing would have been more appropriate so I could have a bigger river jam.

River: 9c (Pot 260bb)
Villain checks. Hero jams 82.3bb. Villain calls and shows KK for a full house.

Reason: I get trips, and I guess I just have to jam and hope Villain might call with AK or AA. I guess I could check if Villain would have folded AK and AA to a river jam.

Just fold pre- 10 9 off does not have great implied odds here at all- your putting in 14.5bb pre essentially hoping to flop 2 pair or a straight draw- even if you flop a straight draw you are a still an underdog against their range. Any single pair you make is probably no good, and may just cost you more post-flop. Just because villain is aggressive, doesn’t mean we have to widen our range that far, their are many better hands you can flat with here. This is really a trivial fold pre-flop.


But do realize that we are deep stacked, And to call the 3bet, I need only need 34% equity. Against his perceived range, I have 30.76% equity. Plus being in position tends to over-realize the equity. With these factors in mind, I don’t think calling is too bad even if he was tighter than what I thought his 3 betting range is.

You should not have attacked the limper to start with with 10 9o, just because you are in position doesn’t mean you attack a limp w/ almost any 2 cards. Stronger aces, suited broadways, decent pairs are all better to attack with. As played, you just stated you have less equity than you need to call, just that it is close. So at best, your putting yourself in a marginal spot where most of the time your only way to the win will be a multi-street bluff. This site’s play is soft enough there’s no need to put yourself in such marginal spots post flop. The point is you shouldn’t have been in the position to start with, its fine to just open fold this mediocre hand and move on to the next hand.

Another note about the equity calc you are doing. Your percentages are assuming you get to realize your equity (i.e. see the turn and river). Often you are going to flop nothing with this hand and will not realize your full equity.

preflop: the T9o seems to me like a decent (not great) bluff hand, which is in normal circumstances a good raise imo. however i see a few problems with it as played now, with the raise and 3bet call, it is played as a value hand, not a bluff hand. another thing is as i said, it’s a bluff hand, and as you mentioned the SB has a wide 3bet range, which is really the worst moment to use bluffing hands, even in position. so in general, the raise is good just not in this situation, if the SB and BB are way tighter i think this would be right but defenitely not now.
as played: i also think the 3bet call is wrong, as said this is a bluffing hand so i would probably fold it now, but sine he 3bets a wide range, i could also consider to make a light 4bet, this because he has this wide 3bet range, even if he calls (or raise) you know enough to fold if you not hit.

flop: since you still have no idea where you stand it could be a standard cbet bluff or a cbet for value. obviously this is a really difficult spot so i can’t give a great answer on this one, but i do think raising would be the worst option. because if he calls (as he did) you still have marginal information and invested a lot in this pot for next to nothing: no hand, no information. so i think folding and calling is both ok, but i’ll lean more towards calling because you said he has a wide cbetting range. folding is really fine here too because if he doesa have a king, you only hold 4 outs to win.

turn: this is a really clear check. he has obviously shown a lot of strength, even if he was cbetting with air (which i really won’t think by now) the 9 makes it already the best hand. if not, he has hands like AA, KK, AK all very clearly in his range, while you obviously don’t, and all those hands won’t go anywhere by now, even all other sets could he possibly have by now (99 unlikely but 66 and 77 clearly possible). the only things he could put you on are maybe 66,77, K7 and K6, all other hands are bluffs and semi bluffs. so for as far you know you are very likely behind a hand that won’t fold.

river: i indeed agree you could get called by AK and AA. but you are still behind a slowplaying 66,77 and KK. however he is probably aware of your extreme aggression and slowplays everything that beats you. so checking back seems fine. if you’re ahead you already have a huge pot, if not at least you won’t lose your whole stack.

conclusion: i think there was way too much aggression used and too few moves that provides good information. betting provides information most cases, but only when the circumstances are right to do so. there were many spots used where raising unnessecary gave your opponent money.

hope this helps.

Your first mistake was in raising with Ten, Nine offsuit behind a limper, with the blinds not yet heard from. Sure, you might catch lightening in a bottle, but your best move is to muck that sucker and wait for the next hand. Calling after the SB 3-bet you was your next mistake. Either shove all-in or bail out. On the turn, when you finally made a pair, you only dug your hole deeper, and, on the river, when you made trips, you deserved to lost to the Kings full–after all, the SB announced a big hand when he 3-bet pre-flop. Remember, the earlier you fold, the less you will lose.