How to WIN a tournament with 72

Here’s a hand to look at.

I win a 3-seat SNG, with 72-suited. 72? 72.

Why is this a good play? Simple. I’m already in for the big blind, and my opponent’s 40-chip bet all-in on the flop isn’t even the minimum bet increment. I have him dominated better than 10:1. The flop gave me 3-cards to a straight, and 3-cards to a flush.

If I fold, he gets 50 chips, which is almost doubling up as it is. If I call, he truly doubles up, but it’s only a 80-chip difference.

This is a FINE time to call with 72s, lol. I’ve got so little to lose, I could play any two cards to the river, pretty much.

And naturally, that magic river hits my top card, and he flips up 33.

He’s not badly off in this hand at all, either, other than his stack size. 33 is a weak pair, but any pocket pair is good heads-up. The flop gives him a gutshot runner runner draw (not great, but it’s something at least) and 3 cards to a club flush. Of course he had to go all-in here.

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Tbh, with a stack like that, shoving any hand pre flop makes the most sense.

why let him see a flop