How to start a new table

If I wish to start a new table that currently is not shown i.e six players at a 50k default in. How do I do it

From the Lobby, select “Rings,” then the type game you want (Hold’em, Hi-lo, etc), and make sure “Hide Empty tables” is un-clicked. The site will offer you a list of every possible limit and buy-in size available. Click the one you like, open that table, buy-in and wait for others to join you. Good luck. (I haven’t done this for a while, so I’ll go try it and edit the post if needed. I just did so, and this works. I’d suggest you also click “Hide Full tables,” as you want to start a new one, so you want it empty to begin with. Good luck.)


^^this^^ what @Alan25main said! Cheers!

Thank you Alan25main. Well explained and of course it worked when I tried