How to report suspicious activity?

So I saw two players a few minutes ago. They were at a table alone. I sat down with them. One of them made an outrageous bet (like over 100 times the blinds). The other called. Then the flop hit and the first player instantly folded without any bet being made.

The next hand I could not play because of position. The same behavior repeated. The third hand I was joined by a few other players and dealt in. Both players mucked preflop, and left the table.

This is extremely suspicious!

I wrote down their usernames and the table and time.

I don’t know where to report this.

Go to the player profile and there is a button there to “Report Player” (next to send a message button) - it will prompt you from there.

Lots of weird things happen here spivak - the guy in charge of it is Chasetheriver - super guy with a big job.



I personally don’t see what the big deal is if a friend wants to help out a friend by giving him chips , the site should just allow a one time “gift” between friends with a max amount decided by the site. That way players won’t come off as being sneaky and dishonest . I played on a site where chips could be gifted between friends (as long as the IP address was different ) we would even make side bets on tourneys as to who would make it further , loser transferred bet amount into winners account.Was fun to have that side competition with a friend.I agree that chip dumping needs to be regulated but there must be a way for it to be done within the rules.

I think this is a good idea. Never thought about it from a side bet perspective but that sounds interesting to me. I would think it would need to be regulated on a per week or month basis with a cap on gifts received to be determined by staff.

They were transferring chips.
Report them if you want but as long as they didn’t mess over any other players I’m not sure what the problem is.

While this idea is plausible (and in my report I did mention this is not hard evidence of cheating) it seems more likely that both of these accounts belong to a single person, who is doing this to beef up the stack of one of them. Since RPP sells chips for actual money this would be a way to try to mess with the RPP system.

Thanks for letting us know, @spivak! Rob received the report and it’s being handled. :slight_smile:

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Chop’n the $$$/prizes, shouldn’t be illegal, but the only way to accomplish is to move chips outside that MTT/SnG which is illegal.

I have no idea why this conversation has been taken so far. The people who decide what flies and what doesn’t are the RPP staff. I saw something that they might not like and reported it. If they think it is OK then they can let it be, and if they don’t then they can take action.

The staff might have good reason to discuss this stuff to death amongst themselves, but the rest of us do not.

Its an open forum … was just giving my opinion !:rage:

All well and good :slight_smile: I apologize if I sounded offended or angry. I was mostly just surprised: How did this go over 10 posts?

You don’t know me , I am a talker and am always giving my opinion on one thing or another. Apology accepted…:slightly_smiling_face:

Good evening flyfry. Chip dumping is what it was and is against Replays rules. It should be reported immediately. The fastest way is to submit a ticket to support.

Thank you


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New Award Idea…

STASI - Jr. Secret Police Officer: Report 5 of your fellow gamers for minor infractions of the rules. Yeah, they might get banned, but hey, you get a cool new badge!

Hi Craig,

Was not condoning in the current context - just interested by SS idea above. Cheers!

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:warning: is the fastest, click on player, to the left of rank is the report symbol, plus I’m guessing that tagg’s the report with table# and hand# , but not sure if it does…

and Craig, what if (2) top 10 players wanted to play HU for 1b, its not offered, yet if they msg’d each other for a paper trail before, play’d a 10k HU, then the looser “gave” the winner thier 1b… thats not chip dumping, no matter who you are … its called, replay doesn’t offer a 1b HU SnG so thet did it themselves… not saying legal, but not chip dumping… so not everything is “chip dumping” yet is classified that way.

Good morning Sarah.

No matter how anyone slices and dices it, the only acceptable and legal way for anyone to transfer chips to another player is to buy chips for them.

We all talked about this in another thread about giving ( gifting ) chips , buying chips for others, etc

I think there were a few threads about it that are now merged.

Stay Happy


Nobody likes a tattle tail

Yes! Thanks for the clarification. We do recommend that players report any Code of Conduct violations via this method rather than submitting a support ticket. Not only do we get more information that way, but it helps us keep our records all in one place. We’ll make sure all reports are looked into in any instance, though. :slight_smile: