How to remove the "Missions" nuisance bar

This is sort of a hack, it’s intended as a temporary fix for this visually offensive menace Replay has recently added. It should be too obvious to say, but this solution is not endorsed by ReplayPoker so proceed at your own risk.

Tested on Firefox on MacOS. Though this should work across any OS or browser that can run AdBlock Plus.

1 Install AdBlock Plus plugin

The instructions for this vary based on your individual browser. On Firefox select “Add-ons and Themes” and search for “AdBlockPlus” then install. Download Adblock Plus will have instructions for each supported browser.

Installing this plug in will also carry the additional benefit of removing annoying ads from most other websites. If you aren’t using ABP or a similar ad blocker by now you should be.

2 Create custom filter rule to block element

After installation, on AdBlockPlus extension page click Advanced then scroll to Your Custom Filters

Add the following filter

Obviously if Replay updates the ID of the DOM element representing the progress bar this will have to be updated, but it should work for now.

Anyone with a better solution is encouraged to share it.




Writing this line


to Console helps too. Same effect.
But it is not perfect, it must go to a script and autostart. And i think it must have a timer if table reloads. HTML is not my thing, but i understand fast. Maybe someone can do more.

If someone copy my line here to try it, then he must delete the " and type it new. Otherwise syntax error happens.

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That works too. You have to do it every time you open a table but at least third party plugins aren’t required.

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Hopefully Replay will wake up & smell the coffee & just get rid of this intrusion into the game!

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It seems they have altered it now so there is only a small flag icon, not a massive progress bar like before. That should satisfy some of you.

Yep…works for me!

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Relatively new to Replay, but the Mission Circle seems to have replaced the Mission Bar and causes me no problem. I like the Missions and periodically click on it to see where I am at. I do not base my playing on Missions.


Thank you for your post Seagull, and indeed the missions bar has been replaced and is no longer a problem.

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