How to register when After many attempts to register the info remark quote "return later

'Halloween Multi-Million After attempting the past day I am still unable to register an being told to return later this is for the Sunday 4 pm game

To play the Halloween Festival on Sunday, you have to play the Halloween Satellite first and end in the paid top 20 to get a ticket for the Halloween Festival. And only 1 ticket can be used for registering the tourney, the other satellites you play is for the special leaderboard. All info you can find on the page “Promotions”.

I have done all that and won the ticket so where do I go from that???

You won in the Halloween Satellite a ticket? You remember which day?

I assume this is your players name on ReplayPoker and i checked all Halloween Satellites, and not see your name in the top 20. You sure it was the Halloween Satellite and not the Daily Million Satellite?

We automatically registered played to the main event, so you didn’t need to register separately for it. In future, we’ll make this clearer, as a lot of players were confused, expecting to have to register manually.