How to read and understand an accumulating score Leaderboard

I am unfamiliar with the proper reading of the leaderboard in the team championships. Primarily- what are the red and green arrows in place for. After this second week of playing, I do not understand what the arrow is for.
Example; My team moved down 7 places from last week, yet there is a green arrow and number 9 next to the team name.? I do not understand this. Can some one explain please.?

I think they post results and update the board as soon as each of the 3 weekly tournaments finish instead of waiting for all three to finish.

So, for example, if your tourney finishes last, you could see some movement up or down as each of the other tournies finishes, and this might make the final tally and arrows seem off.

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Since there are 3 brackets A,B,C … the Leaderboards adjust as each MTT finishes… so as each bracket finishes and scores are add’d , teams move up or down… Thats what the green/red arrows are for…

In the case of the Accumulating Leaderboard, it will get adjusted also after each MTT finishes. So depending on which bracket finishes last each week, that will be what is shown as the last update that week.

If you’re used to looking @ a Leaderboard after each MTT you play, pretend you are playing 3 each week, and there are updates after each one.

SPG and Sassy,
Thank you both for the attempt at clearing my head. But i do not find resolution in either answer.
Last week, my team finished what started out as 17th place. # hours later, we had dropped to 20th. All the while a Green up arrow with the #4.
Today, after all 3 games were final and team scores were posted, My teams ranking is 28 with the green up arrow and the #7.
I know that, in a few hours my rank is going to adjust again. As the combined scores have not been tallied and ranks assigned. Which I think I just found my answer. If in fact I move up 7 places after the tally of both weeks.
Thank you both again.

Let me try again …
Week 1, brackets A,B,C were played… then ended in some order… lets say C A B …
C finishes, scores post, everyone’s says “new”…
A finishes, scores post, now u see arrows in terms of A’s additional points.
B finishes, scores post, now u see arrows in terms of B’s additional points

Week 2, lets say it finishes A C B…
When you look @ the accumulated scoreboard…
You will ONLY see arrows up/down depending on LAST qualifier that finishes… in this case B bracket…

Remember, just like playing for any Leaderboard… YOUR 1st score, will list you as “new”… from then on, everytime you play it will show you moving up or down… but in this case, its doing that for 3 players, but for only 1 team… and the order of how it adds points is not determined on sequentially entering events, its which bracket finishes before the other ones each week…

So that means, when the last of the 3 Brackets posted thier scores, your team moved up 7 places into 28th…

@Spanman1 , unless you are paying attention to all 3 Brackets, and you watch it update after each qualifier ends, all you are see’n in the results after the last 1 ends…Seems to me you did notice an update last week before the final update…but you miss’d the 2nd update… each week it will update 3 times, as each qualifier MTT Ends… but looking at it a couple hours later, you only see how the 3rd one affected the points…

Does that help ?

@Spanman1 ,

Also , remember there are week 1,2,3,4 LBs and an accumulated LB for the qualifiers. Each week the weekly LB is frozen to reflect all 3 players’ scores for that 1 week. The accumulated LB rather than getting the points from the weekly totals, it still is accumulating the scores each time a qualifier ( 3 each week ) is play’d, and is not frozen… So we have play’d 6 qualifiers, and the A-LB reflects only the 6th one played.

My team was 32nd after week 1, and took 2nd for week 2, but on the A-LB it only shows us moving up like 2 spots to 8th… not the 24 spots you might normally thing it should.

Even on the weekly LB, it only reflects the 3rd MTT that finished that week… as far as the arrows are concerned…

I’m confused on another point. At the end or the 4 weeks qualifying will they add all 4 weeks scores to get the end result for each team? Or how does it work. Week 1 we were 8th. This week we are 22nd.

I’ll try and help you out here.

Go here:

On the left side of the page you can click on each individual weekly “Team Total Points”

Under week 4,
you can see “Team Total Points” scored throughout the 4 weeks.

It is called the “Qualifying Phase Leaderboard”

This is what counts as the 24 Team cutoff

And here it is:
Qualifying Phase Leaderboard

ahh… I didn’t look close enough. thanks heyortin, I got it now! :slight_smile:

Thank you heyortin. That really helped. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t seeing total scores. As I watched the board for phase 2 yesterday, nothing showed until group “B” finished, and it left me confused. Now after seeing the “Over-all” board, well let’s just say, I understand the ranking, but the arrow thing has me messed up. I only say that because my team fell even farther on the over all list and it saddens me. ;-( lol Thank you all for the clarification and the heads up. Be ready next week, the Kowboy Killerz are coming for ya ! lol good gaming and good luck to all !

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