How to Play Tournaments

Hi can anybody help me out. I’m fairly new to the site (August 2017) and I think its brilliant! I would love to be brave enough to take part in some of the tournaments but I’m not sure of the rules and regulations. I dipped my toe into the water the other night and lost my nerve and didn’t know how to leave! Total panic attack…I ended up unplugging my computer and hiding it under a cushion. What does ‘post & fold’ mean? Can you just leave a tournament, or do you have to stay until the end? Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated…otherwise I’m going to spend the rest of my life in the Duck Pond…lol! Also how does Bust the Staff work?


Hi @jasperwild,

Tournaments are different from ring games. In tournaments you remained seated in the tournament until you either are eliminated or win the tournament.

This is a helpful article about tournaments from the Replay Poker help center:

Post/fold means if you are sitting out in a tournament the blind / antes will automatically be posted for you and every hand will be folded until you return to playing.

Bust the Staff is a monthly tournament and the biggest tournament of the month in which you can play against Staff , Volunteers and other players for chip bounties. The tournament takes place every third Thursday of the month at 4:00PM Eastern time. Here is a link with more information about Bust the Staff:

I hope this information is helpful and if you have any other questions feel free to ask!



You could try the Freeroll tournaments (coloured light blue on the lobby page) until you get the hang of how tournaments operate. As the name says they are free so you can learn or practice there without risking your bankroll before you know how tournaments work.
Good Luck


Thank you for taking the time to answer and it was really helpful.

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Thanks a mill! Just have to get the nerve up to try again…:slight_smile: