How to play Pocket A A

This is the Way

Really liked this line by @Lelaina. Too many people will check the turn to trap. By keeping her foot on the gas, she got max value. Nice!

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Fold them i lose 80% of the time with them in ANY situation:)


:slight_smile: I know the feeling

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Same! Especially in Omaha h/l

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Ok guys, to play the weapons of mass destruction…

preflop, reraise in any position… flop, bet

In position, check call out of position… at the turn you

Usually can tell if you can continue with your

Monsters or not, say a completed draw can scare

You out of the pot if its a healthy bet by an opponent,

But you can lead out of position on the turn since u


Aces(top pair) its usually typical to bet your top pair

On the turn. The top pair bet on the turn tests to see

Wat kind of hand your opponent has, but if they call

Check call the river out of position and check

In position.

…on the river if theres no draws you usually can

Bluff in this situation with aces. In low stakes games

dont Expect folks to fold aces or overpairs.

Heads up is different with pocket rockets

This hand is a big mountain heads up.

@bill8888 u right bro aces are a death trap here :rofl:

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LOl, got knocked out of the tournament this morning wiht A-A-2-3 double suited ( i think it was the best starting hand you can have)

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