How to play low boards when you squeeze out of position

Say, for instance, you are in the small blind and 4 players limp to you. You make it 7 blinds to go and get one caller. Now the flop come 742r. What hands you cbet bluff or for value? How do you defend your checking range.

i think it mostly depends on how the villain likes to respond postflop.

i think the most logical value hands here are overpairs and maybe sets or A7. as for bluffs i think you can bluff very wide in most cases since you can easily rep an overpair here.
against a better player i would probably double barrel as well.

as for worse players (which is most likely since he limped) it depends on what kind op fish he is. if he likes to limp and re-evaluate on the flop it’s a 100% Cbet bluff to me, for value i’ll probably check sets and AA and hope he bets at you, if not bet the turn anyway. if he’s a calling station i would make big Cbets with smaller overpairs and standard with bigger ones and sets (unless he’s loose enough to call more obviously) and i would rarely bluff and wait instead if i might catch one of my overcards.
against an unknown, i would just make a standard Cbet almost always and see how he reacts afterwards.

hope this helps, yiazmat

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Well…it depends

Yeah, that makes sense. I guess I just need to add more cbet and double barrel bluffs. However, on those boards, I still have air most of the time with hands like AK, AQ, KQ, AJ, etc. What is going to prevent my opponent from cbetting too often when I check?

i think you’re right ther would be many that like to bet after you checked the flop (however it’s not really cbetting if villain didn’t raised preflop :wink:). but generally that doesn’t have to be a bad thing as it’s a great hand to float with (2 strong overcards is actually a 6 out draw). most players will get a feel they might be trapped with an overpair or a set, so they won’t double barrel. on top of that, 7 high won’t hit many call hands anyway so it’s a big chance you are being bluffed, even if it’s a real value hand it’s usually a small overpair or something like TPTK (since large overpairs could have raised pre), and both have many scare cards you might want to bet the turn on.
of course there are also several that like to double barrel anyway, in that case i would just easily re-evaluate the turn and see if it fits his story, maybe if you’re aware he likes to double barrel, you could decide to check sets and overpairs as well for the obvious reasons.