How to not tilt after hand like this?

this got me out before payouts and was me calling a hard bluff successfully backfiring.

So, for whatever reason you’re 4 handed on a 9 person table, shortstacked against (2) 2x and (1) 3x, not in the blinds… You limp, get raised, call …min bet, get raised ( ai ), call, lose…

Now, I can see a few reasons to push once the flop came but you didn’t. You called an ai with a marginal hand and lost. My opinion is you misplayed the hand.

not sure what the " x of xx/xxx " is, or how long you been on that table… but table is very light 4 of 9, you’re outstacked, bb is 1/7th of ur stack. I’d be waste’n the timer hoping more ppl join or I get rebalanced ( basically alot fuller table ). If I do play a hand its only limp to see flop, then if not hit hard cannot really bet or call a raise/ai.

Limp in (ok) … Min bet (kinda ok) … but when pushed ai, ya gotta fold.

My opinion only, and a quote from a movie… " I regret to inform you, you son is dead 'cause he was stupid " ( top gun )… even tho you were ai before his 2nd pair hit, you should’ve folded to his ai raise before it happened. Remember, I have no understanding of what hands happened right before this one that might’ve influenced your judgement.

HA! I make this my new foot-note if you dont mind!

With 8 BBs, you don’t really have the depth to speculate. I would have either shoved or folded preflop. I would definitely have shoved the flop instead of min betting. You hit top pair with a good kicker, if you won’t shove there, where will you?

Turns out he put you to the test and you made the correct call. How do you not tilt there?

Well, you have to realize he was chasing 5 outs twice… about 20% You were a 4-1 favorite. If all cards were exposed, I would make that play all day long. I would also know that I was going to lose 1 for every 5 times that situation came up. That’s poker, nothing you can do about it.

I don’t play to make the “money,” I play to win. I wouldn’t have played your hand the way you played it, but you got in good and were giving yourself a chance to get in the game. There’s no reason to be upset just because your opponent got lucky.

“If you’re not ready to die, then how can you live?” - Charles de Lint

Wow you sure know your poker! Really smart comments that i enjoy reading. Keep up the good comments as I think most player’s appreciate your insights.

You win when Replay wants you to win you lose when Replay wants you to lose. You have little control over the outcome