How to improve replaypoker

I’d like to have a choice for showing one or both cards after the game is over.
This is usual in a real game in a casino.

Yes please…been asking for this a long time. Wouldn’t be difficult for Replay to oblige.
Do SOMETHING to make the game more realistic and FUN!

You have the option to show your own cards by turning off auto-muck in your settings.
If you are saying you want to see your opponents cards then I wonder why you think that would improve the game.

Correct, you can show/muck your cards manually using the right settings on the table or on your Settings page. However, that only applies to both hole cards, not if you only want to show one of them. This would be a good addition though as it’s pretty much standard in live poker and on the real-money sites I know :sunglasses:

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i don’t think that is the point…i think they are saying in a headsup the ability to show one or both cards…a great fold or one card just to keep them guessing. we all know about auto muck but thats not the issue here

after the hand is over ofc

Forgive me, I have not played live poker, so I still don’t know if you are refering to your cards or your opponents cards. If you are suggesting that you should be able to see my hole cards, whether one or both, if you have not paid to see them then I strongly disagree.

when the game tourny or ring game is down to 2 players and say one player has been betting consistently and the other calling and river comes and now the player sees that or believes that he has a rally good hand but maybe not good enough hefolds his lets say kings and wants to show his laydown to his opponent he could do so… and the other player could if he so chooses could show either one card (his choice of which one) or both if he sho chooses. Not sure if i am explaining this as best i could,maybe someone else can articulate it better lol

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Improve Replay Poker? I’d ask for a wider range of statistics. And maybe stop-action while viewing replays to make note-taking a little easier.

Okay, as it is now the player winning the hand can show both cards if he wants and the other player who folded can mention his fold in the chat, if he has access to chat. So, I suppose that might be something to look into.
Thanks for the explanation:)

talk is cheap at the replay poker table - until you see cards - dont believe a word someone says - lol - except me

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Thats the point,players can say anything. What we want is the ability to show or not show…one card or both. get it now? lol

Why isn’t there a Leaderboard for Seven Card Stud and Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo, that would be a nice improvement.

And it would be pretty cool to have mixed game Tournaments (perfect for RPOS .)


I hope the admin reads this.

We NEED more TIME after the flop.
We need a little bit more time after the turn card for thinking.
We need a little bit more time after the river.


hand-for-hand play would be nice, one or two before the bubble ?

I like the idea of being able to show your cards once folding a head to head hand.
I have another idea if it would help the game to run smoother, which is dump the broadcasts of tourneys starting in 5 minutes.
I always ignore that and never have used it.
Don’t know if it’s causing the game to be glitchy, but if it is, I’d say dump it, players will join the tourneys they want when they want to.

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I suggest getting rid of it all and just leave the “ chat “. You can’t see the winning hand now anymore