How to deactivate notifications from the forum in your mailbox

I would like to know how I can switch off the notification I’m getting when I receive a reply on this forum, for example. I get these notifications on my mail too, which is annoying.
I went to “settings” on the main page, to “notifications”, updated the settings by unselecting all the boxes, but it doesn’t change anything.

Maybe someone could help me :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance !

Hi ValueFish,
If you do not want to receive forum ‘notification’ you can change that in your forum settings.
You click on your avatar (upper right corner of the forum page) you see a cardwheel, click on that and a new page opens, there you can change your settings.
Hope this helps.


Click on the mute button or normal button at the bottom of the post’s page

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@SharonSmarty is also correct, her answer reflects only for the particular topic and not for the forum in general.


Wow @Tiandra, thanks!

Thanks Tiandra ! I saw that on every mail there was a button to unsubscribe from these notifications, with the same result ! It all works great :slight_smile: