How to Counter Bingo Players

Were RP to slightly alter the format for their rebuy tournaments bingo players would have much less impact. The solution, make each rebuy progressively more expensive. It would take much, say a 5% increase for each rebuy. It won’t take long for the rebuy chips to become more expensive than what it cost to buy them. Even players who buy chips will be less inclined to pay 1500 chips for 1500 tournament chips.


Interesting suggestion. A similar effect would be to reduce the number of chips.

Unfortunately, this would affect all players and if the ‘wrong’ player wins a few hands at the start of the tournament, they have an even bigger edge than they would have had and everyone else is less able to catch up. Regular players might be discouraged from rebuying too and it would probably result in less players lasting through the rebuy period and therefore lower prize pools.

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Having tournaments of this nature does not mean Replay is promoting reckless play, but since it is free to rebuy, it should be an opportunity for everyone to let their hair down and rattle some chips into the pot.

In my limited time here I’ve seen Bingo players who fall into one of two categories. There are those who are highly ranked (5,000 and above) and have a lot of chips, which they likely have purchased a large quantity of. Then there are those who are usually ranked below 100,000 and whose bankrolls is often the minimum (ie: under 2500). This distinction is important in deciding how to address bingo play.

With the later playing against the poor bingo players is a matter of patience, timing, and at least even pot odds, someone can take them out quickly. Granted there are statistical exceptions, but most of these players are out in a matter of a few hands after having donated their stacks to the other players. Because they can’t continue to re-buy they have to leave the tournament in order to chip-up. While these players are annoying (in my opinion) they are profitable to the better than average RP player.

It is the first group that really screw up the game if for no other reason than they make calculating pot odds nearly impossible. Position, chip stack and pot odds become irrelevant as long as these wealthy players remain at the table. Personally I like playing with them. On numerous occasions I have made the minimum buy-in and finished in the money. Since these players build up the purse my minimal investment becomes that much more valuable when I finish in the money.

You mention an impact upon the “wrong” player. Just what exactly is a “wrong” player. This is poker, there are no wrong players, especially in the cheaper tournaments. Yes there will certainly be times when a player who should be winning is losing. The cards just run that way sometimes. If you are foolish enough to continue to re-buy thinking you can catch up because you are a better player only demonstrates you are not a better player. You must constantly be recalculating your investments, not only for each hand, but for the overall cost benefit ratio of the tournament payout schedule. If chips get more expensive (or if you got fewer, which is probably a better approach) the better players will not chase, they will be patient and wait for their next chance to pick off the bingo players. They may not get that chance in every tournament, but they will if they are patient and wait for the next tourney.

Overall I consider bingo players to be a benefit to me as a player since more often than not I benefit from their reckless style of play. Nevertheless, since this is “Free” site, I’d prefer to have better game play than moving up a rankings chart or having a lot of chips. I am sure my stack would be much smaller if it weren’t for bingo players, but since I can’t spend those chips I’d prefer to have a better game. Make playing bingo poker “expensive” and the overall outcome will be more favorable than otherwise.

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“Overall I consider bingo players to be a benefit to me as a player since more often than not I benefit from their reckless style of play. Nevertheless, since this is “Free” site, I’d prefer to have better game play than moving up a rankings chart or having a lot of chips. I am sure my stack would be much smaller if it weren’t for bingo players, but since I can’t spend those chips I’d prefer to have a better game. Make playing bingo poker “expensive” and the overall outcome will be more favorable than otherwise.”

Very well said zmansuncle

Firstly, pardon my 50 cents input worth.

I don’t support constant all in pre flop betting but find it amusing to see players on this free fun and games site get seriously technical and strategic!!!

Can I ask a question, is it because they want to turn professionals, LOLs.

But most strange and unpleasant is, I have witnessed many times, mass verbal attack on the player that has been singled out, as you call it ‘BINGO’.

Another question to all, is it right to abuse others because they don’t conform to your style of play.

For me because this is a “family and friendly” site, I do believe it is appropriate, if you cannot take the call to an aggressive bet then fold and be silent rather than get all “SERIOUS”.

If anyone wants to get SERIOUS then you should go play real cash live games and talk all you want. this is not real, so get real people!!!

Kind regards to all :slight_smile:

This site is set up to be like what you encounter in casinos…

It took me about 15 minutes on here to realize that I would need to play in high buy in tournaments and gos (I do not play much ring games) if I expected reasonable play.

So, that is what I do. You should try it.

I don’t know why anyone spends hard earned money to buy worthless play chips. Not to mention the 5% rake on the tables.

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Thanks for getting into more detail.

By ‘wrong’ players, I meant the aggro bingo players which the suggested change in rules was trying to counter.

The question of how to deal with bingo players depends on your perspective. From a players viewpoint, its a matter of changing your gameplay, or choosing to avoid certain players altogether by game selection.

From a Site’s point of view it is a matter of offering games which allow the better players to punish the bad ones, (fairly of course), by spreading sensible format games as much as the Play Chip environment allows.

Introducing a rule or format which adversely affects everyone is not ideal. Having formats where you absolutely HAVE to play in a certain way in order to last for any period of time is not ideal either.

From a playing standpoint, I do believe I can catch up with terrible players who win the first few pots in a rebuy tournament. Introducing a handicap which makes that task harder would be a turn off for me as a player.

As players build their balance, there is no doubt games get more like real cash games, but sadly it will always be a bit like comparing apples to oranges.

We cant make playing badly any more expensive than it already is.

Try all the games, find one you like, keep racking up the chips and enjoy !!

Slightly off topic and something which has been ongoing since I first replied, the April Foolery Freerolls were designed to allow everyone inner bingo-self to have a blast with no down side to the rest of us. What happened? Where ARE these bingo players I hear about?

I was there and I bought a lot more chips than I won…but as the rebuys cost 1 chip and I won 5000 it was entertaining and profitable…

zman all you do is abuse players in the rebuys, you are such a terrible person

the logic is so simple if you do not like rebuy tournaments dont flippin play them you nasty horrible person.

i have played with so many people and never come across such a rude nasty person such as yourself.

dont wanna sound completly ignorant but what exaclty is a bingo player…is it some one who raises preflop every time or the one that goes all in alot or is it the people who keep callin these kind of players with absolutly nothing and almost always play to the river with crap…and if any one of the players are actually winning while your playing are they still bingo players…and does that stand for the other names i see here, donk…i know ive been called about all of them at one time or another…and thought i was just playin poker…lol

I hate bingo players going all in on preflop. This is not poker but a slot machine. There is no strategy involved, just luck. If I skip a game waiting for a good combination I can loose a winning combination with worse hand that I could utilize after flop. If I enter this madness with high cards in hand, I can loose with two small pairs. I could try to wait few turns until they are out but they are so often on Aquarius tables.

One strategy that works is to enter this fight with high couple when there are just few players involved. The more players enter the game, the biggest chance somebody will have a better cards than you. Bingo players typically enter when they have a figure or two, especially with K or A. But some play even with 36 because it is cheap and a potential win is big.

I have a habit… I look up bingo players. So far 76 have something in common,ZERO FRIENDS

when I play the bankroll builder with rebuys, I go in planning to shove frequently. However, I attempt to use a little reasoning. Intelligent bingo, so to speak. I have two goals for the bingo section of the MTT. One is to have as big a stack as I can, at breaktime. The other is to scoop up as many bounties as I can. If you can avoid the monkey see, monkey do, attitude, (don’t want to be rude, not sure how else to say it), and put some thought into your folds and shoves, you can start the poker part of the MTT with a nice advantage. Be aware, I talking about poor folk, like me. I’d never play it if I could afford the bigger bounty games.
Been thinking about a fold or shove preflop, bounty, rebuy, game, but there are problems, like, how to keep the blinds from just becoming the button and CO.

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