How to change your luck at the table

       I'm sure there are a lot of you who know this, but for those who do not - if your getting beat in a tourney - here's a simple way to change things up - in the top right corner there are forward & reverse arrows that change your seat & thus your rotation of cards - sometimes, simply doing this could change your game
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I don’t think that would do anything you still get the cards in the same order since all the players just rotate with you.


I don’t think the RNG (random number generator) ‘cares’ where you sit, I believe you always keep the player number (i.e. place in the dealer sequence) you got when you joined the table, no matter where you sit. The table rotation is merely a display function for your benefit. If your luck improves after you changed the position of your seat, it’s just that: luck.

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Talking of table seats, I take this opportunity to ask if it would be possible to choose our table seat once and keep it automatically for every game. Such an option in the “settings” would be very practical, at least to me.
Giving the frequent change of tables during a tournament, it is every time a frantic fight against the time to search my name at the table and to rotate my seat.
Maybe it is different for other players, but I have had the same seat for years, and it is uncomfortable to me to play from any other position. Force of habit!
And no, it is not because I think that is a particularly lucky seat! :slight_smile:

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With the tens of thousands of unique visitors each day I don’t know how that would be possible, hence the seat rotation arrows when you are seated.

I’ve never seen that in an online poker room but playing live , I’ve payed to have my seat saved for me :wink:

Craig, I normally know what I am talking about. You might have not seen it, but I have. In fact, I played almost 5 years at Pokerstars, which has many more members than Replay, and that was an option. I chose a seat during my first months there, and I kept it automatically during all the following years.


I concur, Pokerstars gives you an option to choose your favorite seat at the table ( 6-handed and 9-handed) and you will be seated there every time you join a table.
I don’t mind using the arrows here though to adjust my seat.


Well, if it is not feasible, I’ll keep on rotating the seats. :slight_smile:
Pity, though. Every time I change a table, sometimes 3-4 times in a row, before I’m ready to play, I have first to enlarge the table, which appears very little on my screen, then rotate the seats. And that takes lots of time.
I won’t mention my frantic pantomime when I play at two tables simultaneously. LOL
If at least the seats were fixed, I wouldn’t shout Italian profanities at every change of table, and that would make my grandma happy. :slight_smile:

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Carbon Poker also you picked your seat once in the settings.

Hahahahaha , the last sentence.

I don’t understand how you can join a table and throw someone out of their seat because you want it.

Doesn’t matter to me where I sit here but arrows are provided for those that want preferences.

This is definitely on the radar to add when big projects are complete. It’s a lower priority, but we know people love their favorite seats and we want to accommodate! :slight_smile:


Craig, if at a 9-handed table we all want the same seat, no problem, we’ll sit all 9 there, one on the other. I only hope I won’t have too “fleshy” players sitting on my lap. I’m quite fragile. Although… after the Christmas orgies, I am not sure if that is still true. LOL

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Hahahaha. I can see everyone’s point about favorite seats. I guess if I was involved in that before I would have a better understanding of being comfortable at an online seat.

All I know is I like my live seat to be the same and I pay for it. Everyone likes to sit next to Don Vito. He gets extra pepperoni, black olives and extra provolone in his spinach pies hahahahaha.

Awesome! Glad to hear it’s on the RP team’s radar. I imagine the option would fit somewhere in the “Game Settings” menu, similar to selecting whether to auto-muck hands by default. I also have a “preferred seat,” and it’s a minor nuisance to use the arrows to shift around to get to it, particularly when I’m getting moved from table to table in a MTT.

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(dirty little secret)
Pokerstars and prolly Fulltilt , allowed you to pick a seat, but it was an illusion… basically they rotated the table as they seated you to put you @ that seat, where-as Replay seats you in the actuall seat…

Otherwise think of how long it would take for a specific seat to open up… now Pstars & Ftilt had more members and active tables, but if you actually wait for lets say #4 seat, then you might wait hours is that person is running hot and just won’t leave.

(Edit) in a MTT you never have the option of a certain seat, it is random and should be, I was speaking of cash only… SnG & MTT should random seat all players @ beginning.

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@miri123 ,
1 suggestion for you (everyone) is its far more important in a cash(Ring) game to pick the correct seat by who’s where and how much they have… Im dead serious… from there just use the rotate button if you like to pretend you always get the same seat.


Thank you Sarah. That justifies my posts on the matter of online seating.

An illusion of course.

What are you talking about, for goodness’ sake??? What illusion? LOL I prefer to play at the upper right corner, because from there I have a better view of the table, that simple. It is probably because of the high position of my chair and of my screen.
It is not a question of “correct” seat. What an idea! LOL The position of the other players at the table NEVER change, no matter how many times one rotates.
Evidently many players, for whatever reason, have a favourite seat, otherwise the arrows to rotate seats would make no sense, would they?

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I have found that getting up from my seat will usually stop the losing…


I don’t have a preference for seats. I haven’t attempted to play more than one table. I have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time.:grinning: