How realistic (and fair) is it to pay out to just 10 players in a 300+ player freeroll?

I know Christmas specials are a bonus, but they are so SLOW and to reach final table one would have had to sit it for several hours. With a 1 in 30odd chance of winning chips! Would it be better to run such tourneys every hour for (say) 250,000 chips and limit players to first 100 registered?

huuu, lots of questions…

  1. Speed isue, you right, staff work on thet alrady, I believe they do whatever they can.

  2. Sheduling is not easy, it is serious work and quet complicated. Lots of variables. Funny inaf, last week someone complaining about too much pay out in MTT-s(number of the winners) It is hard to please all.

  3. Break up freeroll. Probably 1mill prize bring 300 people in play, if break up, probably thet number would much less. Say you could win a Ferrari with a marathon run or 4 times you could win Trabant (look it up) ,ofc you will sign up for the Ferrari!

I think if we look back two years change in the site, that can asure you , next year will bring lots of plesent change and more fun


I’ll pass this on to the scheduling team to comment, but as far as the slow tournaments - yes, we’re working hard on getting it fixed. You should see a significant improvement before the end of January.