How often is the deck shuffled?

How often is the deck shuffled?


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sorry, but I’ve played way too much poker to believe you for even a second. Random generators don’t CONSTANTLY give people joke hands - like 3 Ks on one side, 3 Ks on the other with the winner having the high hold card. Sure could happen some times but it happens at your site on a very regular basis. You can also see in the Sit and Go Tournaments that high stack gets screwed on a regular basis.

We are random - we are shuffled - and we’re out to prove it, because there’s nothing we hate more than doubters!

We’re planning to open source our RNG and shuffling code. That way anyone, with a basic knowledge of programming, can download and see the actual lines of code for themselves. This is unprecedented for the poker industry but it’s one more step in our mission for transparency in the poker world… something that’s long overdue, and we feel really strongly about.

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I had this exact situation in a live game a week ago and I had the lower kicker, so it is very possible on any deal.

Not saying it can’t happen, in fact if you read what I wrote I admitted it could happen. Now, just how many times have you seen it happen? 2 or 3 times during a game? I think not. It is a rare occurrence unless you play programmed poker sites or programmed poker slots. I have seen this time of thing OVER AND OVER at Replay poker, almost every time I play.

replay u keep talking about how your dealing is random , im sure it is but what u don’t talk about is how u can set a player or players winning or losing per%just as an like u would a slot machine. just as a casino. ive play ur site 4 a year an spent many a hours on it an I assure this is what you are doing . I played 170 hnds one day, an another player mikem dee play the same time an I won a whopping 7 times an fld only 4 if memory serve me right I folded 4 winners out of tht so per% is a fact of how u run the game . you can a players winning per% at any moment you want. nobody an I have seen this wins 12hnds out of 14 hnds played., in a row an I mean win. I win at .5per% on any giving day , ive played 230 plus days in a row an this is my normal. so set all players per% at the same rate, an then you can say its fair. its not in the dealing or shuffuling its in PER% SETTINGS.

When first I joined RP, I have lots of time and not log out without extra chips.
Play multi rooms, say 4 ( I use to play 6) will help you see things differently.
Now, have less time and less rooms, most time loose, have to go, cant wait for the good hand. I noticed 2 or 3 good hand make me win in a 4 hour play session, instead of the constant small winning.
Also, in real play mostly 2 at river… here pp stay in the game more often.
Your see the flop % should be less then 30% approx, If you have seen more, well… I think you risk too much.
And lots more reason…
Learn to fold pp

The only way you can prove you don’t fix hands is by allowing the download of an actual database of played hands – approximately seven million unique hands – so that the action can be analyzed by professional mathematicians. You’d have to certify – by an approved third party – that this database contains live hands played on the site and has not been tampered with in any way except to remove identifying info. Any other protestations of your innocence in this matter are only worthless talk.

If we can figure out a way to do it whilst not compromising the security or enable the identification of players, I’m absolutely 100% in favor of such a thing.

We’re on a mission to take the transparency of Replay Poker to unheard levels for online poker, and with it, change the industry for the better. Players should be in no doubt about the legitimacy of the site they’re playing on, and I believe there’s a lot more we can do to demonstrate it. Your idea is just one example of that.

Stay tuned… :wink: