How much of your bankroll should you play when starting out?

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So I just started off and I’m trying to build my bankroll, right. I get from 2.5k to 55k and now I’m at a medium stakes 500/1000 blind table with a 50k buy-in. I play a couple hands and there’s this one guy with a huge, like 225k stack, who’s just bullying the table. Raise 30k. All-in. Raise 70k. And he’s playing like this every hand. So I’m like, “Time to double up.” I get K5 off-suit on the small blind and decide to call along with Mr. Big Stack and a few other players. Flop comes and its K 5 4. I check, knowing this guy will raise, which he does, 35k. I go all-in, he calls. Everybody else folds. He shows 2 3 off and the turn didn’t matter but the river was a 6, giving him a straight. So after around 3-4 hours of working up this bankroll, I lose it to this goat on the river.

But whatever right, that’s poker.

Then the same thing happens AGAIN. (pretty much the same exact thing.) I get up to 17k. One guy has been bluffing. I get Q 2 off on the big blind. Some guy min-raises and so I defend my blind. I get to see the flop and it was Q 2 5 rainbow, so I flopped 2 pair. Then this guy over here comes and bets 7k, and I call along with one other guy–everyone else folds. The turn came and I don’t remember what it was but it didn’t matter. Then he bets 25k (the guy who has been bluffing almost every hand) and the second guy folds but I call. He shows pocket kings and… wait for it, ofc a king comes on the river.

So my question is, how much of your bankroll (%) do you play, or should you play so that you are not playing with low-stake idiot online players for too long, but that if you lose you can still make a quick recovery?


There is a detailed thread on this topic, written by a very good player by the name of JoeDirk. It’s titled “Bankroll Management” and I’d suggest you head over there and give it a read. He goes into some great detail and some nice discussion followed.

Personally I try not to play more than 5-10% of my BR at a time. I don’t always follow my own rule, but think it’s a good place to start! :slight_smile:


“I need help on how to increase my stack”… is another good thread

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I just buy chips and play on table with friends and don’t manage bankroll as I don’t care.