How many winning hands folded are acceptable for u?

right now my stats say i’m playing about 20% of my hands and of those i win 13% of the time dont if thats good or bad but i still seem to fold quite a few winning hands…should i play out more hands? or be more aggressive with my winning hands…or just shut up be happy the way i’m going…lol

optimal is 20ish% for TAG’s (tight agressive)
you should raise almost every single hand you play preflop.
Garbage hands will seem to often flop top pair etc but that’s no reason to play them. Stick with the top 20% of hands.

If you are entering 20% of the pots and winning 13%, you win about 65% of the pots you enter. It ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.

It’s less frustrating to fold a winning hand than it is to play a losing one to the end,

Don’t be afraid to play back at someone if you think they are out of line. Those who seem to bet every single flop will often fold to a min raise, and you are showing them you won’t be pushed around that easily.

Also, do you mostly play MTTs, Sit n Gos, or ring games? You do have to fold more winners in MTTs, but that’s just the nature of tournament play.

Relax, you’re doing it correctly. If you aren’t seeing 5% or so of your folded hands ending up as winners, you aren’t folding enough. Almost all of them will be long-shot hands that you had no reasonable expectation of winning with–or you wouldn’t have folded them to begin with. Remember you will never lose much from folding trash; your big losses will always come from holding 2nd best hands. (I cheated and looked at your profile–you look to be doing well.) Ron (Alan25main)

Well WhatsOnSecond,

Been here a few months, 72k hands played, 78% hands folded, 11% hands won.
Seems ur doing better than I am so keep it up…
( I bet that 500 B&R really hurts my stats )

thanks, i appreciate the positive feed back and the helpfull hints

I like SPG’s way of looking @ it.I play Hi/Lo almost exclusively & being a tournament plyr. W/ 4 hold cards damn near anything can & does happen, like another quote I’ve read. " fold , to live to fold again. ". When these all-inners come round our gms. they eventually get bounced . just a matter of time, :wink:

yea im right there with you…i play 16% of my hands but i win 10% of them not sure if mine is good or bad either though lol…

Go play some real poker and U will see a lot different story. Computer poker is not real poker so how will u ever figure it out NOT! I watch the same people play and win all the time and they play no better Poker than I do THEY R DEALT THE CARDS

The only thing that is usually contested about online poker is the validity of the fresh deck. If that is NOT contested, then online vs live is equal, except for the fact you cannot see the other players directly. ( basically alot less “tells” are decernable ).
I could make a online poker site, pay real dealers to shuffle cards, make it look like other online sites… and I would still have people disgruntled, saying its rigged…

ReplayPoker is “real” poker, and PB… if you play just as good as they do, you must be winning all the time aswell… keep up the good work.:rolling_eyes:

first this has nothing to do with the manipulating cards crap that some of you keep whining about i asked a real question and except for you i actually got intellegent replies…secondly every person i have played with that has kicked my ass has had the favor returned its part of the game and i do it here for free…and last but not least i have played plenty of real money poker and have folded winning hands there also thats why i asked…ps last time i went to the casino it was with 2000$ came home with 6900$ so i must have a liitle bit figured out…so maybe its just your lame game

Obviously you do not know much about computers, U R the type of person who thinks slot machines are on the up and up…End of story get a life :slight_smile:

Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain. wrote:

i’m not the one bitching about A FREE POKER SITE so go get your diaper changed and take nap or what ever you idiots need to do and leave the pepole who seem to be enjoying the site alone!!!

Yup U R right, I should leave people alone wearing stupid little masks as kids do, and trying to carry on a conversation that they seem to know nothing about…

Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain. wrote:

All I know for sure is that I’m weak, but dream of being strong!

You can take that to the bank because, like, someone on the internet said it.

good info been pushing back like you suggested at the appropiate time of course,and i’m finding theres more bluffres out there than there should be…been going up a little evey day…thanks

As you pointed out, moderation is the key, but you can’t let them bet you off every flop. It can be hard to raise a hand you want to fold, but you have to do what you have to do.

Anyway, glad it helped, you’re welcome.

I agree big time. GO MODERATION!!!


I am late to this discussion, and you ask a good question, but I don’t think that % of hands played and winning % are related to folding winning hands. % of hands played is related to how tight you are with your starting hands. % of pots won is somewhat about folding/getting to showdown, but it is also largely just math because actually having the best hand will even out over a large sample size (in a 9-handed game you should win 11% and in 6-handed you should win 17%, so 13% is right in the middle). If you are extremely tight and will never get to showdown with less than 2 pair or extremely aggro and get your opponents to fold big hands all the time, pretty much everybody’s % hands won will be similar (mine is 14%)

It might be possible to determine how likely you are to fold big hands, but the data is not really available on Replay because it does not take into account whether you are playing different variants (Royal, Omaha) or game sizes (heads-up SNGs vs full-ring). I only fold 73% of hands, and I consider myself a TAG, but I play a lot of different kinds of games. My % of hands played could be high because I am usually one of the last players left in most tournaments (ranges widen short-handed).

As for your actual question, I agree with some of the other posters that it’s better to make a big fold than a bad call, so it’s better to err on the side of making folding mistakes than making calling mistakes. Most players on Replay are extremely obvious when they have strong hands, so when in doubt, folding is usually best. Of course, you can’t be so tight that your opponents take advantage, but most players on Replay aren’t paying enough attention, so overall it seems like you are doing fine.

we always remember the bad folds but what about the good ones, i would its one bad fold to 10 good folds