How many times do you rebuy before giving up?

I like tourneys but the rebuy tourneys can be very annoying.

I played a tourney recently and one of the players re-bought a 5K stack 10 times and went all in 10 times until he finally won a hand.

I asked him if he thought that was a good strategy since his chances of getting to the big show was slim and if he did he would probably lose more than he paid in chips to play.

Of course that got him and others upset but it is a fact that players relying on all ins don’t fare well in a big tourney and he was blown out when the rebuys ended. I know because I made it to the big show with no rebuys and he was not there.

Now I am not against a rebuy if you hit a bad hand and get wiped out right away but if you are rebuying more than you are likely to win in a tourney is that a good strategy?

Your thoughts?

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