How many qualifying tournaments is my average divided by?

Hi there,
I’m new to the site and am quite enjoying it.
I am doing pretty well on the SNG low stakes leaderboard but one thing baffles me. You say that my average points are divided by All qualifying tournaments and then multiplied by 120. What I’d like to know is…
How many qualifying tournaments?
Are you better off only playing 120 games as a strategy? ( I’ve dropped 17,000 points since completing 120 even though I have been 1st, 2nd, or 3rd many times.
If so, how can I play low stakes games without adversely affecting my leaderboard score?
Sorry for bothering you, but I’d like to know.
Please don’t give me the math. It’s not my forte.

"Monthly SnG Leaderboard - Low
The low stake leaderboard sums up the tourney points earned in your first 120 sit’n’go tournaments during the month. After 120 tourneys we take your average score across ALL qualifying tourneys and multiply it by 120.

which means after 120 tourneys your overall score can go down as well as up!

more % of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd many, many times

Hi Marcipan.
Thanks for replying. I read that bit about ALL qualifying tournaments but how many is that?
Is it 500? 1,000?
Is it all qualifying tourneys over 24 hours or just at the time you are playing?
I seem to get 25 to 30% of the points I win and a hefty decrease if I win no points. It makes it very difficult to increase your total.
Thanks Bar.

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Not sure about only 120 a month give you better results. I think (theoriticaly)

if 120 play, say give 1000 points for you, as average 240 would give 1000 as well, if all variable the same.
But , say, 120 give 1000 point, you play one more finished 50th, your 121 / 950 points…
If you win that game, 121 game 1040 points…
So, it is a more risk play more then 120.
This looks like made so casuall players have some chance against to the players who sit at home all day and gather points. Also, agains bingo play as make you play better in the first 120.
Dont know if thats right, as no more help them anymore.

Hi Sharon.
Thank you very much for that concise info.
I am fifth on the leaderboard with only a couple of players below me who are within 100,000 points of me and still have not reached their 120.
Does this mean that I have to bar myself from Low Stakes SNG’s for the rest of the month?
That’s a bummer.
Thanks again.

Hi Marcipan.
Thanks for taking the time to explain that.
It makes things clearer.
I can see the point as you explain it. I’ll have to be more careful next month.
If I win a few of those big chips I’ll be able to play medium stakes next month.
This month I’m limited to low stakes.

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Hi Sharon.
Call me Bar.
Everybody does.
It’s short for Barry.
Blackbar was a boyhood nickname because of my jet black hair, which is unusual in Ireland. It’s grey now.
Between yourself and Marcipan’s kind advice I now understand the system better and can see the logic of it.
I’ll know better next month.
Thanks for taking the time to explain things to me.

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Hi Sharon.
You were a great help.
Thank you.