How many players are on Replay?

How many active players are on Replay? It would be nice to know the percentage that a certain ranking gives when compared to the overall group.

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The amount of active players is at the bottom of home page screen.

There are about 300k “active” users. I infer this from observing that players with 0 chips have a rank in the 300000s.

After several months of inactivity an account is deactivated and removed from rankings.


I’m aware. Maybe I should have been more specific. The number you’re referring to is how many players are online. I’m interested in how many total accounts are active.

Thank you!

No ! @unskilld got it right. At the bottom of the page is how many are online. Using his metric is as close as you can come to total accounts.

Maintenance of the ratings has improved since during the pandemic lockdowns some new players were showing ratings over 1 mil. Then they suddenly dropped back to the 300,000 range.

Really? By that logic, there are only 3,615 active accounts because that’s the number showing right now. How can that be?

Your confusing active players online vs active accounts which you asked for.

Let me put this simply - I want to know how many active accounts there are, not how many players are online at a given time.

Once again, there are over 301,458 registered accounts and you’ll never know how many are active because it changes daily depending on how long a registered player is inactive on the site.

You’re welcome. I hope that improves your game.


The 301,458 number is what I was looking for. I should have used the word “registered” instead of “active,” since that seems to be a technicality worthy of distinguishing. Shame it took such back-and-forth to get to this point, but I appreciate your input.

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My pleasure. Best of luck on the tables and stay healthy.

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Does anyone have any idea how many total players there are on Replay, and how many are typically active on any given day?

Just over 300,000 registered players.

These are the stats from 2 minutes ago

You can see how many online right now and how many are seated playing or waiting for a table to fill up.

So, of over 300,000 players registered there is never more than a few thousand online?

Correct except with a higher number by about another 1000 to 2000 or so during promotion play and “ Bust the Staff “ game and time of day. You can follow in real time how many at any given time online or seated for play at the bottom of the home page after logging in.

That doesn’t seem reasonable that only 10% of registered players are on-line at any given time.

Why would you think Replay would lowball the number of players logged in ?

You have to remember that RP is worldwide…
Some maybe working (what ever that is). Some will be sleeping. Others may even be doing something more constructive than playing online poker. Nuh. Scrap the last one.