How many outs

How many outs do you have when you flop the nuts?

3 it takes 3 licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop
This seems like a baiting topic, if you narrow the parameters, it may be easier to answer. Is it relative to flopping a royal flush or the top end of a middle straight, if its the latter and if someone calls you, every card that doesent make their hand is your out.


Is this a serious question? Because if you actually have the nuts, I’d think there are no outs. Royal Flushes have no outs and that’s the ultimate hand.

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Unless you flop a royal there are always possible outs. Case in point. (Granted this is Royal so there were 15 outs taken twice out of 17 cards not shown)
Hand #721047708 · Replay Poker

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How do you know you flop the nuts unless you have a Royal St8 Flush ?

It’s a trick question right ?

You can flop the nuts with a hand that is not a RF, as Rain points out.
Example: 87 spades, flop 965 spades.

You can flop what looks like the nuts but isn’t.
Example: 89 spades, flop 1076 spades.
If opponent has any two of AKQ spades, she has two outs, leaving 43 outs for you.

If you flop the nuts, opponent has no outs so does that mean you have 45 outs?
Or does it mean that outs no longer mean anything to the outcome of the hand because your opponent has no outs?
So, the original question is both tricky and serious.

@nuckelavee , How can you go out if you flop the nuts, which is a Royal Flush? No Jokers wild here. GL at the tables